Ree’s Plagiarism

Pure and simple, Ree Drummond lifts other’s work and ideas.  It’s an established fact The Pioneer Woman ransacked community and church cookbooks for the recipes she’s posted on her blog as well as those she published in her “crookbooks.”  Rarely, does she credit her  sources and frequently she lifts recipes from packaged products and Internet websites.

In 2012, The Pioneer Woman was embroiled in two plagiarism scandals:  One stemming from a PW contributor who diverted material from an Etsy artist and published it as her own, and a second, when Ree knowingly lifted another blogger’s instructions for cheesemaking.  Below is nothing less than cold hard evidence of Drummond’s plagiarism:

The Error of Her Whey

Plagiarizing Etsy – It’s Like Taking Candy From Babies

Heavens to Etsy

The Pioneer Woman Pimps Pillsbury

The Pioneer Woman Swipes a Chili Recipe

The Pioneer Woman’s Filched Brownies

Pioneer Woman Chocolate Sheet Cake…In Cookbooks Everywhere!

Oh Heavenly Fodder…It’s the Smoking Gun

Sour Cream Noodle Bake Gone Wild

The Purloined Muffins or Ree Rips Off Martha Stewart

Hey Pioneer Woman–That Lasagna Recipe is My Mom’s

Ree Rips-Off Lidia Bastianich


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