The Pioneer Woman Show – Vera Recaps Filling Edna Mae’s Freezer

  With new Pioneer Woman episodes starting today, Vera’s back with her side-splitting recaps.  Put your hands together for her and enjoy. As promised, Ree is back with new episodes. Well, “new” as in the original airdate listed on my FIOS More…


The Pioneer Woman – Open Comments

Okay everyone, I’m putting up a new post because the last one had issues with the comments.  I don’t know if it’s a WordPress problem or what at this point.  We’ll have open comments until the weekend, unless Ree makes the news.  Please limit your discussion to the Pioneer Woman and the discrepancies behind her little ol’ ranch wife persona.  Thanks.

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The Pioneer Woman Rudes It Up on Kathie Lee and Hoda

For those who had better things to do this a.m., count yourselves lucky–you missed the Pioneer Woman on The Today Show’s Kathie Lee and Hoda.  Unlike her previous solo appearances, this time Ree had to share the stage with two More…


The Pioneer Woman Show – Four New Episodes

Looks like the Pioneer Woman pulled out all the stops for her four new shows premiering May 10.  We’ll see Ree-packaged, Ree-named and Ree-hashed recipes from previous seasons along with repetitive show themes. Lasagne in its multiple incarnations becomes Lasagne More…


The Pioneer Woman Embraces Public Speaking

Oh, how times change.  In December 2009, the Pioneer Woman blogged about her aversion to public speaking. The cleverly titled post, Speaking in Front of People 101, covered her Austin book signing with the usual false modesty, countless attempts at More…


Amarillo Gets Drunk on Pioneer Woman Kool Aid

Instead of embedding this in the comments from our previous post, we decided to publish a new one.  Here’s a video from Amarillo Globe News covering yesterday’s Power of the Purse Luncheon.  Brief though it is, note how the repetitive, unfunny More…


The Pioneer Woman to Keynote Health Fundraiser

Mark your calendars now. On Thursday, the Pioneer Woman presents her dog and pony show in Amarillo, Texas at the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health 2014 Power of the Purse Luncheon.  Tickets for the event are $100, a More…


The Pioneer Woman Show – Vera Recaps “Happy Birthday Pa-Pa”

 A standing ovation for Vera!  Thank you for a great recap!  Looks like it’s back to re-runs next week. Ree continues to crank out those episodes with today’s installment: Happy Birthday, Pa-Pa. It’s Ladd’s father Chuck’s birthday, so the whole extended family More…


The Pioneer Woman Show – Vera Recaps “Gathering Bulls”

Welcome back Vera.  Thanks so much for another fabulous recap. After a very short break, Pioneer Woman is back with another new episode. Something is very weird about the production schedule. The production company must be working 24/7 to get More…


The Pioneer Woman’s Facebook Sentry

Recently,  MW readers pointed out that the Pioneer Woman has her very own Facebook sentry and stalwart supporter, one Linda Tessem. Post a question on PW’s Facebook page, within moments Linda not only provides THE answer but appropriate links. Imagine More…