The Pioneer Woman – A Genealogy Expert?

Much like caring for the BLM’s wild mustangs, speaking engagements can also be lucrative sources of income as the cagey Pioneer Woman has discovered.  Today she delivered her keynote in Salt Lake City at the annual RootsTech family ancestry conference. More…


The Pioneer Woman Show – Vera Recaps Sunday Potluck

Kudos to Vera for another hilarious recap! Today’s episode: Make Ahead Potluck. Ree says that it’s Potluck Sunday at their church, so she is going to make three dishes on Saturday to take to the potluck lunch. We open with More…


The Pioneer Woman Show – Vera’s Recap of Football Camp

Excellent recap Vera.  Thank you, thank you! Today’s episode: “Football Camp”. In which Ladd and the two boys participate in a dirty sweaty football training camp, while Ree and Paige prepare greasy sandwiches and potato chips for 120 kids and More…


The Pioneer Woman Show – Vera’s Recap of Bulk Buys

Thank you Vera for another hilarious, spot-on recap! After the briefest of breaks, PW is back with new episodes. If you think there has been any change or improvement, you are sadly mistaken. “More of the same” is modus operandi More…


The Pioneer Woman – Urbanspoon Sells Out

The Pioneer Woman’s publicity machine rages out of control. Now they’re planting fabrications about her celebrity chef status …yeah right, if Ree’s a celebrity chef then I must be a nuclear physicist. Yesterday’s Urbanspoon press release is all about brainwashing More…


The Pioneer Woman to Keynote Genealogy Event

UPDATE, Feb. 6, 2014:  The Pioneer Woman has spoken, delivering her inspirational keynote spare us please at the RootsTech annual convention which began yesterday.  As soon as we have the video, we’ll post it. What will the Pioneer Woman NOT More…


Vera’s Recap of The Pioneer Woman’s Xmas Cocktail Party

Saturday’s episode – Christmas Cocktail Party, in which Ree throws together recipes off the backs of boxes and cans and ends up with huge platters of the kind of food that most people get at Costco. We start off with More…


The Pioneer Woman Cookie Chatter

If you don’t tweet, please take a moment to sign up for a free account at Twitter dot com. You won’t want to miss Land O’ Lakes’ cookie chatter co-hosted by none other than the Pioneer Woman.  This Wednesday, December 4, at 8 pm ET, Ree Drummond will answer all your holiday baking questions.    You know, things like how to cut open a package of Pillsbury Sugar Cookie dough,  follow the instructions for baking and decorating.  Then arranging the delights on a Christmas platter and passing them off as your own.   When you tweet your question, include the hashtag #cookiechatter.  The Pioneer Woman will be waiting with bated breath to fulfill her contractual obligations while shilling her heavily discounted cookbook.   Killing two birds with one stone…Happy Holidays from Ree.

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The Pioneer Woman – Thanksgiving Week Open Forum

Happy Thanksgiving!  Okay, for the next week anything goes, as long as it pertains to the Pioneer Woman.  For those simply dying to praise the PW and her red neck recipes, this is not the place.  For everyone else, comment away.  We understand Ree “Dear Abby” Drummond is dispensing advice for turkey day, oh dear God help us all.

the pioneer woman, pioneer woman, fake pioneer woman, ree drummond, fake ree drummond

Don’t I look purty?



The Pioneer Woman’s Felonious First Cousin – An Update

UPDATE:  “Mary in Tulsa” emailed that Judge Gambill granted the parties’ Agreed Motion for Continuance.  The pre-trial conference is now set for Dec. 13, 2013.  Gentner’s wife, Wendy Drummond, appeared with the Pioneer Woman’s wayward cousin by marriage.


Almost a month ago, “Mary in Tulsa” updated us on the Thatcher Drummond assault case which, nearly two years after the incident, remains pending before an Osage County court mired in legal posturing and maneuvering by the Drummond family lawyer.   Regular visitors to this site will recall the Pioneer Woman’s law-abiding first cousin by marriage was arrested in February 2012,  after allegedly taking a swing at Robert Regnier, the state trooper who stopped him for running a stop sign, drunk driving, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. While attempting to handcuff Ree’s upstanding relative, a scuffle broke out, the trooper was injured and Drummond escaped after bolting over a pasture, handcuffs still dangling. Presumably Thatcher ran off to the fake Pioneer Woman’s lodge/tv studio hoping to satisfy a severe case of munchies.

The Pioneer Woman, fake pioneer woman, ree drummond, fake ree drummond

Thatcher Drummond courtesy of

After the case sat dormant for nearly a year, a pre-trial hearing was held on Sept. 13, 2013. Gentner Drummond, Thatcher’s cousin and the family barrister, appeared and moved to depose the trooper. Typically, law officers do not give depositions as it is presumed they will be available to testify live and in person at the time of trial. Exceptions are made when a deponent is terminally ill, has a profound mental disease or might be moving a great distance. None of these exceptions apply to Regnier who is alive, healthy and has no imminent plans to relocate. The Assistant District Attorney, Mike Fisher understandably objected.

The presiding Judge granted Drummond’s motion but limited the scope of discovery from the time the officer first saw the defendant to the moment when Thatcher broke the law. Genter Drummond, who’s on his knees nightly praying this case gets dismissed for want of prosecution, objected. He’ll eventually move that his client’s constitutional rights have been unduly prejudiced by the many delays. Good strategy Gentner, get the family bad boy off again. Yet another hearing was set for this Friday, November 22, 2013 with Judge Gambill ordering said deposition be completed by this date.

Quoting Judge Gambill, “the easiest thing for the court to do would be to just shuffle it off, but I’m not going to do that for rich or for poor.” Let’s hope the dear Judge won’t be retiring anytime soon.   A heartfelt thanks to “Mary in Tulsa.”  Please update us on Friday’s proceedings.