The Pioneer Woman Show – Vera Recaps “16 Minute Meals International”

Props to Vera for another stellar recap! Today’s episode: 16 Minute Meals Around The World, in which Ree makes vaguely Indian, Thai and Italian foods with an unnecessary 16 minute time limit which is only mentioned part of the time.


The Pioneer Woman Show – Vera Recaps “Cowboy Mike”

Recap courtesy of Vera Charles. Thanks Vera!   This week’s episode, Cowboy Mike, in which Ree’s brother has some awkward interactions with the family and Ree makes three recipes to serve at one meal. Seriously, I took fewer notes this More…


The Pioneer Woman Show – Vera Recaps Lighten Up

I am running out of adjectives Vera!  Thank you, thank you for another very excellent summary.  WTF was lite about this food? This week’s episode is called Lighten Up, in which Ree “exercises” and “eats healthy”, or at least thinks More…


The Pioneer Woman – The Building…Yawn

With her third crookbook in the works, the Pioneer Woman needs filler material to keep her publicists busy, at least until the next round of promos and signings start.  Thanks to Marilyn for sending us the link to last Sunday’s Bartlesville-Examiner-Enterprise which ran this faux update on Ree’s cloaked-in-secrecy (more…)


The Pioneer Woman – Vera Recaps Shakespeare Movie Night

I’m feeling “second-hand embarrassment” for Vera. After watching this,   she deserves hazard-duty pay.  Thanks again to Vera for taking one for the team. Today’s episode is Shakespeare Movie Night, in which all of Alex’s school friends come to the More…


The Pioneer Woman’s Rootstech 2014 Keynote

Heeee, hawwww, boy howdy, Pawhuska can’t get a Toastmasters chapter fast enough, that or the Drummonds need to invest their gazillions on a private speaking coach for the fake Pioneer Woman. After totally bombing at Chicago’s BlogHer 13, Ree’s done More…


The Pioneer Woman Show – Vera Recaps Us and Them

Get ready to laugh, Vera’s outdone herself with another funny, absolutely side-splitting recap. Today’s episode:  Us and Them, in which Ree makes one meal for her kids and their cousins to eat at her regular house and another completely different More…


The Pioneer Woman – A Genealogy Expert?

Much like caring for the BLM’s wild mustangs, speaking engagements can also be lucrative sources of income as the cagey Pioneer Woman has discovered.  Today she delivered her keynote in Salt Lake City at the annual RootsTech family ancestry conference. More…


The Pioneer Woman Show – Vera Recaps Sunday Potluck

Kudos to Vera for another hilarious recap! Today’s episode: Make Ahead Potluck. Ree says that it’s Potluck Sunday at their church, so she is going to make three dishes on Saturday to take to the potluck lunch. We open with More…


The Pioneer Woman Show – Vera’s Recap of Football Camp

Excellent recap Vera.  Thank you, thank you! Today’s episode: “Football Camp”. In which Ladd and the two boys participate in a dirty sweaty football training camp, while Ree and Paige prepare greasy sandwiches and potato chips for 120 kids and More…