The Pioneer Woman Show – Recap of Man Cave

Today’s show is built on the premise that four teenage boys are transforming an empty salt house on the Drummond homestead into a man cave.  Never mind that presumably it’s the middle of summer and the salt house doesn’t have any power or running More…


The Pioneer Woman Choos Choos to Chattanooga

With over 150 vendors expected to participate, Chattanooga is rolling out the red carpet for this weekend’s SHE Expo, billed as a two-day dog and pony show for southern women.  Headliners include HGTV’s Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, and More…


The Pioneer Woman Show – Recap of Engagement Party

Please note:  The couple who are the focus of today’s show and their friends seem to be some of the nicest people in the world.  In no way is this recap meant to be critical of them or their guests. Today the Antichef asks us to suspend More…


The Pioneer Woman Show – Vera Recaps Takeout At Home

Today’s adventure on the ranch: Takeout At Home. Ree bemoans the fact that she lives so very far from a Chinese carry-out restaurant and decides to surprise her daughters with the same food they order every week from a drive-thru More…


The Pioneer Woman Show – Recap of 16 Minute Meals All Day Long

Less than 3 years ago the bottom-feeding Pioneer Woman show premiered, yet Food Network billed today’s mega-staged production as the start of Season 8. Masterful marketing by skilled publicists.


The Pioneer Woman Show Continues in Reruns

Before the weekend starts, we want to get some housekeeping out of the way.  First, tomorrow’s Pioneer Woman episode is another rerun, one that Vera has already recapped.  So grab that extra half hour of sleep and tune in for Nancy Fuller’s Farmhouse Rules on Food More…


The Pioneer Woman Show – Vera Recaps Sweet Deliveries

Yesterday’s show was another rerun, one that Vera previously recapped.  For those who didn’t see this originally, enjoy.  For those looking for something new, here’s Dara Grumdahl’s radio interview with the little ol’ ranch wife.  New PW shows begin airing on July More…


The Pioneer Woman Teases Next Cookbook

Today on the Pioneer Woman Cooks, readers are asked to suspend belief and accept that Ree, in all her false modesty, has randomly created a new category, one that will house freezer-friendly recipes.  If you believe that, you probably also believe “the building” is only for a deli More…


The Pioneer Woman Votes–Not So Much

When it comes to opening cans or signing crookbooks, the Pioneer Woman wouldn’t miss an opportunity.  The same can’t be said however for exercising her right to vote.  According to The Red Dirt Report, 2,331 days and counting have elapsed since Ree Drummond More…


The Pioneer Woman Show – Vera Recaps For Papa

  Thank you Vera!  And Happy Father’s Day to all the great Dads, including my wonderful, sweet Daddy. In honor of Father’s Day, Ree and her producers treat us to a family dinner in honor of Ladd’s father.  This is More…