The Pioneer Woman Show – Vera Recaps For Papa

  Thank you Vera!  And Happy Father’s Day to all the great Dads, including my wonderful, sweet Daddy. In honor of Father’s Day, Ree and her producers treat us to a family dinner in honor of Ladd’s father.  This is More…


DearDara Interviews the Pioneer Woman

While surfing Twitter, we found this little jewel from one Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, the Mpls-St. Paul Magazine’s senior editor and roving foodie. Tomorrow, Dara heads to Pawhuska for an interview with the fake Pioneer Woman.  Dara’s an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared More…


The Pioneer Woman Show – Vera Recaps Big Day at the Building

After several weeks of family birthdays, weddings, graduations, and relatives visiting from across the nation, I am back! I missed the last two installments of Ree’s fake cooking show on the prairie, but today I was treated to a “Big More…


The Pioneer Woman Show – Season 8 Preview

Season seven of the Pioneer Woman Show ends with this weekend’s Big Day at the Building or How to Con the Reeple episode.  Vera is back with her great recap which will post on Sunday.  According to our cable guide, the PW More…


Pioneer Woman Creeples

Sure hope the Drummonds pack heat.  Get a load of this, straight from the Pioneer Woman’s Facebook page.  WTF?  If it’s this easy for a couple of old ladies to find the Drummond ranch AND Ree’s television studio, how hard could it be More…


The Pioneer Woman Show – Recap of Spring Burning

Today’s episode, Spring Burning, which Food Network billed as a new show, actually wasn’t.  If the fire theme sounds familiar, it was 2011 when the Pioneer Woman aired Barn Burning. Three years later, apparently out of material, we have the sequel.  And if the menu More…


The Pioneer Woman Show – Recap of Essential Cooking Tools

Vera’s off this weekend.  Have a wonderful Memorial Day everyone.

On the weekend when America honors its war dead, the Pioneer Woman and Food Network decided to air a non-holiday show featuring Ree, Ree and more Ree.  Unlike the Farmhouse Rules episode that followed–showing Nancy Fuller honoring four vets–Drummond never mentioned (more…)


The Pioneer Woman Show – A Preview

According to Food Network, Saturday’s Pioneer Woman show promises adventures in uncharted territory.  Set those DVRs as the fake little ol’ ranch wife takes viewers inside, drum roll please…a restaurant supply house, as Ree searches for that purrrrrrfect shower gift.  WTF?  Is she gifting the bride-to-be with commercial-grade can openers? (more…)


The Pioneer Woman Show – Vera Recaps Breakfast, Lunch, and Cowboys

Today, we are treated to another rehash of a rehash, wherein Ree fixes breakfast and lunch to carry to the family, who are out on the ranch, working cattle. Lots of people on horses, cows wandering about, Ree driving that More…


The Pioneer Woman Storms Miami

If your weekend plans include a layover in Miami, cancel them…NOW. BlogHer Food is holding its annual Pioneer Woman worship fest this Friday and Saturday. With 500 reeple expected to attend, Ree Drummond will have endless opportunities for self-promotion on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Undoubtedly, the cow pattie chef will (more…)