The Pioneer Woman Show – Recap of Sister Time

Saturday’s Pioneer Woman show focused on Ree’s kid sister Betsy and her son who were visiting from Seattle. It could have been UPS dropping off a package and Ree Drummond would use the occasion as fodder for her cooking show. While Betsy’s son and Ree’s kids More…


The Pioneer Woman Celebrates Rosh Hashanah

Never mind that the Pioneer Woman isn’t Jewish nor is she a teenager, this week she not only danced the night away at a boy band concert, she also celebrated Rosh Hashanah.  In what can only be described as Ree Drummond’s shameless More…


The Pioneer Woman Show Recap – One Thing Leads to Another

Building on last week’s “our family’s the busiest on planet earth” theme, we see the little ol’ sleight of hand ranch wife take 2 pounds of beans and make 4 meals for 6 people. It’s out with canned black beans–used for More…


The Pioneer Woman Show Recap – 16 Minute Meals Pasta Pronto

For the 16 Minute Meals Pasta Pronto episode, Ree features…drum roll please…four pasta dishes, not any new ones mind you. In the past few weeks, the Antichef has relied on pasta to carry this show, so yes, we’re being asked to suspend disbelief and More…


The Pioneer Woman Show – Vera Recaps Working Calves at Tim’s

There has been a serious lack of random cow footage in the last few episodes of Pioneer Woman, but today makes up for that, and then some. Ladd and Tim, Josh and the kids, plus Missy and various hangers-on, are More…


The Pioneer Woman Show – Vera Recaps Indoor Outdoor Cooking

In today’s episode, Ree hosts a pool party that does not involve swimming and takes place at someone else’s house and it’s a cookout where the food is cooked indoors. And she presents this as completely normal and something that More…


The Pioneer Woman – A Football Primer

We noticed the fake little ol’ ranch wife is posting about fall—although it’s 106 in the shade–so we thought it an appropriate time to present Ree with a short football tutorial.  Earlier this year and again this afternoon, Food Network aired a Pioneer Woman episode called The B-Man, a show Ree dedicated to her older son, Bryceeeee.  The Antichef made all his favorite foods, they thumb danced and in a half hour, viewers witnessed one of the most (more…)


The Pioneer Woman Show – Hitting the Road Recap

Saturday’s Hitting the Road episode was ripped from the Pioneer Woman’s blog a few months back when Ree and her daughters traveled to Texas A&M University. It’s the usual, over-the-top fare about a college tour trip, something the average American family does without More…


The Pioneer Woman Show – Kitchen Confessional Comfort Foods

Today on the ranch, Ree is treating us to an episode called Kitchen Confessional: Comfort Food. She is going to make her favorite comfort food recipes, including chicken and dumplings, quesadillas, pasta with tomato sauce, and cinnamon toast. OK, is More…


The Pioneer Woman’s Opening Night Gala

With completion of Phase One of the Pioneer Woman’s mysterious flip-that-building project, her publicity machine is moving into high gear.  This week alone, two Oklahoma papers covered the opening night gala held in Pawhuska’s former Mercantile.  Unlike most philanthropists who More…