For the record, this is not a hate site. We snark and rant with abandon about Ree Drummond and her Pioneer Woman persona. Our barbed criticism is harsh, warranted and we offer no apologies. If you’re not interested in the exposure of a 21st century huckster, click the X in the upper right hand corner now.

It’s our opinion that Ree Drummond, marketing herself as The Pioneer Woman, is perpetrating a hoax. The less-than-candid Drummond used a trust fund and other family resources to hire publicists and agents who orchestrated her rise to fame by manipulating journalists, television producers and other industry professionals. She used her fortune to construct a television studio, while misleading her fan base as to the true nature of the project referring to it as a “guest house remodel.”

Drummond continued the same ruse with her new construction project in Pawhuska, OK, couching it as a location for ranch offices. In reality, “thuh building” as she calls it, will house yet another tv studio and commercial grade kitchen for use in her ever expanding empire, Pioneer Woman Omnimedia.

Ree Drummond lacks any discernible talent other than the financial means to delude millions of gullible Internet surfers into believing she maintains a conventional “little ol’ ranch wife” lifestyle wrangling kids, dogs, cattle and grub.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

It’s also our opinion that Drummond knows little about culinary matters, unless crushing oreos and opening canned goods is your idea of cooking.  Her recipes, for the most part, are rip-offs from Bartlesville, OK church cookbooks, Betty Crocker and other recipes widely available on the Internet.  That being said, we do not condone violence, stalking, hatred or bullying.  Comments posted here are solely the opinions of the author.

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