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Recently,  MW readers pointed out that the Pioneer Woman has her very own Facebook sentry and stalwart supporter, one Linda Tessem. Post a question on PW’s Facebook page, within moments Linda not only provides THE answer but appropriate links. Imagine if you will, a Sears online pop-up asking “may I help you?” Well, there you have it, that’s Linda. The self-proclaimed Pioneer Woman expert is a walking, talking Britannica of Ree. Have a question about the Pioneer Woman’s favorite color, one of her kids or Ree’s top secret building project, never fear Linda’s here. And don’t even ask what happens if you mildly critique or question the Almighty Ree. Suffice it to say, don’t mess with Linda.


Since Warden Linda has sparked so much conversation on our site, we decided to do a little research to see what, if anything, we could learn about a gal who’s devoted her waking hours to upholding Pioneer Woman propaganda.  More importantly inquiring minds want to know what motivates her rabid obsession with an Internet persona.  We discovered Linda has her own FB page but not one that’s regularly maintained. Understandable, given the obscene amount of time the Warden spends on the Pioneer Woman’s. Why bother with nettlesome FB updates when you can help promote someone else’s brand…apparently for free.

The same holds true for Linda’s Twitter account @lindatessem which she opened in 2009. To date, she’s tweeted a total of 20 times with the last one in April 2012. A number of direct tweets to the Pioneer Woman had no responses from Ree. Why are we not surprised?  That didn’t stop the Warden from correcting her idol though:


Bloggers beware too. If you maintain a site that posts inaccuracies about the Pioneer Woman, her books, family, etc., Warden Linda will let you know:

1. Linda Tessem says:

March 5, 2012 at 2:25 pm

Actually, the cake that was shown in the photograph is not a German Chocolate Cake, but is “Billie’s Italian Cream Cake”. I too, got an advance copy of the book – just because! It’s wonderful!!!

According to Google, Linda hails from Seattle, but currently resides in Stanton, WA where she’s married to one very, handsome Lorin.  In the short window when she’s not guarding the tone of things on Ree’s FB or someone else’s blog, the Tessems are independent consultants for what appears to be an MLM venture called Thrive caters to disaster prone areas selling food storage and emergency preparedness.  You can read more on Linda’s LinkedIn page about this great work-from-home opportunity.  Not to worry though, Warden Linda’s full-time position defending the Pioneer Woman won’t be affected.


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70 Responses to The Pioneer Woman’s Facebook Sentry

  1. The Marlboro Woman says:

    Comments are closed. Vera’s recap is up.

  2. Alex says:

    Now Ree and Linda are both over on FB answering questions, ha! I’m convinced Linda is just a super-fan who has way too much time on her hands. Probably sipping coffee all day while she searches links.

    • vera charles says:

      Something’s up, because Ree is on FB telling people where she buys her blouses, what kind of spatula she uses, the brand name of her blender. Usually those questions just dangle in the wind or Linda swoops in to answer them.

      • The Marlboro Woman says:

        We can only speculate, but she’s planning to use that building for something TV-related whether she wants to admit it or not. The total silence about attending the Scripps Network conference speaks volumes. Who knows, maybe she negotiated a deal with another cable channel and is planning to bolt. With the stepped up filming schedule, she might be trying to get out of her contract early. And don’t forget, she has another crookbook slated for 2015.

        • Alex says:

          I’ve seen a few people on her FB say they’re looking forward to seeing her in Amarillo in a few weeks.

      • Layla says:

        Struck me as odd, too. But at least now Linda has new information to use when she replies to posts.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I’d even considered that someone–a paid employee of PW–had “borrowed” the name Linda Tessem to use to “correct” the masses. When I searched the name a few days ago, I came up with the same info you posted here, and wondered if Betsy or someone in PW’s circle was using LT as an alias, someone sorta plausible, but not really out there in cyberspace? (Perhaps I’ve been reading too much about conspiracy theories lately . . . . )

    Something feels a bit off to me. I’m hoping the real LT is NOT PW’s warden, because, I agree with others–that is kind of creepy.

    • Andrea27 says:

      I think it’s quite hysterical really, that the Reeps’ first line of defense (when someone criticizes their idol) is “omg, like, get a life! Don’t you have anything better to do?” But this Linda is the EPITOME of someone who needs a life of their own. I find it utterly pathetic that this woman does the “policing” of the FB page of her own volition. She’s gotta be getting paid. I guess that’s what my mind is trying to rationalize because I suppose it is possible that this woman is THAT pathetic. Just my two cents. And on another note, we finally have Heartland Table on Food Network Canada! Better six months behind than never, I suppose. As always, you guys are awesome!

      • The Marlboro Woman says:

        You will love her. She made “adult” sno-cones last week and got the snow from her backyard.

        • Kim says:

          But today she made meatloaf with prunes ………. I didn’t love that idea.

          • The Marlboro Woman says:

            You could easily leave those out. She used all pork for the meatloaf and prunes complement it very well.

            • Erine says:

              She is AMAZING. And (ahem) her cousin from Thielen Meats can come back to the show any time. Meow!

              Seriously, though. She is so knowledgeable without being so darn pretentious that you want to strangle her. She explains the recipes in a clear, concise way without making it so easy that you feel like Clifford the Big Red Dog is teaching you how to boil water, and her recipes just sound and look delicious. Nothing unhealthy, nothing from a jar, and I can’t imagine her making a damn peanut butter puff with a roll of store bought cookie dough and pb cups for her adorable son much less her television program.

              • The Marlboro Woman says:

                She’s a great writer too, her cookbook doesn’t have any “say wha” or other juvenile lingo in it.

        • vera charles says:

          I’ve already made Amy’s beer-cheese soup twice. It is every bit as good as some that my husband had in a restaurant/brewery a few weeks ago. I got her book for Christmas and love that every recipe is accompanied by a story of where she got the idea or who gave her the recipe.

          • nancy says:

            I have tried just about every recipe in her cookbook and each and every one is totally delicious!!!

      • reedumption says:

        We have it in Canada? I live in Toronto I haven’t seen it advertised here yet. :-(

      • Layla says:

        PW put in a plug for Heartland Table on her FB page. Many posted that they liked the show. Of course, there were the nay-sayers, several of whom commented that Food Network was just trying to replace Paula Deen. WTH? Thielen and Deen have absolutely nothing in common, other than cooking regional foods. I figured some of the other posters just don’t like to see vegetables cooked without butter, cream, sour cream, and cream cheese.

  4. Layla says:

    New show tomorrow about the kids and cattle, where she will “make them their favorite lunch on the planet.” Now, haven’t we had at least 4 shows about their favorite foods?

    If everything is a favorite, then nothing really is. It’s all the same.

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      I wonder what an actual conversation with Ree would be like. She’s probably just as superficial in real life as she is on tv.

    • cath says:

      Beef sandwiches, meatballs in salt, Texas sh*t cake made into a big cookie with storebought ice cream

    • Layla says:

      Checked out today’s menu. The scalloped potatoes and ham was posted in 2012, as was the chocolate pecan treats. The lemony green beans recipe is in the latest Women’s Day magazine, and the strawberry lemonade is from 2013.

      But will any of the reeple realize they’ve all been done before?

    • Layla says:

      From FB—a good question. (By anyone we know?!?!)

      “Season 6 episode 2. Ree you went to the grocery store as part of the episode. Why is there no one else in the store? Do you really have to close down the store just so you can shop?”

      • June g. says:

        Just keeping it real…..

        • jill says:

          actually, when I shop at the common peoples’ market, we always send the crew ahead to clear out the store. We do so kindly however, I have my people pay for all the items the shoppers have in their carts at the time and ask them to depart. Then my people secure the doorways and inspect the back rooms. When they provide the “all clear” my crew and I drive in for my shopping needs.

          actually, who am I kidding? I order every. little. thing. possible from Amazon to avoid the common peoples’ market, then shop at night. I get road rage in the store. “Hey ya ugly old hag, could you move your frickin trash food wagon away from the ketchup so the rest of us can shop too?!? and by the way, cheetos, ho ho’s, and frozen pot pies do not qualify as nutrition ya nasty bag of stinko”

  5. Ginny says:

    This in reference to my comment yesterday about sending you a donation via check. No email came from you to the email address on my previous comments. In fact not getting any email at all at that site. Not sure if it is because I’ve changed browsers or not. However the email listed on this message is the one I normally use so it should work.

  6. The Marlboro Woman says:

    LOL, this just showed up on PW’s FB page:

    • jill says:

      “Very enthusiastic fan! I’d like to think I’m a friend too – I’ve met her twice now – but that would be bit presumptuous on my part!”

      dear Lord.

      • The Marlboro Woman says:

        It sounds like she’s “met” PW at book signings. Geez, I guess that make’s Ina and me “friends” too. “Dear Lord” is right.

        • June g. says:

          Awwww, I thought she was MY friend! I mean, I met her once and the scintillating conversation we had, surely was a sign of friends for life……

        • Margie says:

          I met Isabel Allende at a book signing, does that mean she and I are good friends, because that would be really cool!!

          • The Marlboro Woman says:

            Yes, meeting an author at a book signing makes you BFFs. Gotta go, Ina’s texting me.

    • vera charles says:

      If she’s not on the payroll, that is just pathetic. How much time does she spend responding to posts about Ree? A whole lot more time than Ree does!

      • Betty says:

        Actually, that’s kind of creepy!

      • Kitty says:

        She is pathetic. She impresses me as a dumpy, middle aged (or older) woman with no life of her own and a borderline stalker with OCD tendencies. It’s just so creepy all the way around.

  7. Sheryl says:

    I am now following @lindatessem on Twitter.
    She’s not very good at it. It looks like she was trying to direct message PW and didn’t know how to do it.

  8. Cathy says:

    If Linda is being paid she is a bit of a prostitute. If she is not being paid she is a nut and a loser.

  9. Debbie F says:

    Ooh! It just makes me want to mess with her and write slight inaccuracies and subtle insinuations just to see how she would reply…

    • Kitty says:

      I think that’s an excellent idea. I’ve been banned for calling her a total fake, so I can’t post anything on there anymore, unfortunately.

      • The Marlboro Woman says:

        The Warden keeps a list and checks it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty or nice…Sorry it’s been a long week guys. :)

        • nancy says:

          Weird, I have been posting negative comments for the last week on various photos and no sheeple attacks whatsoever!! Go figure, in fact I usually get a like or two lol

          • The Marlboro Woman says:

            Her audience fluctuates based on a number of things: blog updates, contests, recent PW show airings, frequency of PW tweets, etc. I think I read that she’s filming more PW episodes, so Ree hasn’t had as much time to hump her iPhone.

  10. The Marlboro Woman says:

    All this poor gal did was mention “a” ranch in Montana, not the Drummond Ranch. Linda jumped right on it:

    “Howdy Ree! u are my idol! I am from Brooklyn, Ny and Italian American But in my heart I’m a country girl! I love cowboys! Toby Keith and riding horses! Funny BK is far from country! I love BBQ, corn bread and fried chicken over lasagne, lol I’d love to go to Montana one day to visit a ranch! The only thing is that I’m an animal lover and I’d like to ask you a question! How do you feel when you see calves born and get close to a special cow and know they will be slaughtered? I could never do it! I really don’t eat beef never veal how do you separate from loving a furry friend and eating it?”

    Linda Tessem ” Their ranch is in Oklahoma, not Montana.”

    • Kitty says:

      I think that’s a great question from the country girl at heart. It’s also the same thing we’ve talked about on here! How can somebody just love cows and little calves and then let them go to the horrific confined feedlots and slaughter? Maybe somebody who’s a total fake and a hypocrite?!

      • MN says:

        Here is how they ‘love’ calves going to a feedlot, $$$$. They don’t really ‘love’ the cows and calves, they are looking at dollars. Yesterday, on the Board of Trade, feeder cattle were $1.78/lb. So, if a 700 lb. animal leave the Drummonds for a feedlot is it worth $1,246.00. They love the calves all the way to the bank!

    • Susiebelle says:

      I don’t think our girl from Brooklyn is a fan. She’s messing with PW (and Linda!). Notice how Linda does not answer her about “loving a furry friend and then eating it.” No one abbreviates Brooklyn as BK. But I like her style!

  11. AK says:

    Call me cynical but I don’t believe for one second that Linda isn’t being paid. Okay, she could be an uncritical, rabidly obsessive super-fan. Ree sure doesn’t have a shortage of those. But even the gushiest fangirl would probably have to draw a line at what amounts to a full-time job protecting and defending her idol. But I’d rather an adult woman just draw a paycheck than come across as a giddy ‘tween still in emotional freefall after a Miley Cyrus concert. Because ick. Just…ick.

    • Kitty says:

      I’m with you. I think there’s a lot more to this than they’re letting on. Who in their right mind would do all that, practically 24/7? The more I find out and observe about the fake P Dumb, the worse and more disgusting it gets!

      • Penny says:

        I’m guessing that Linda’s other work-from-home opportunity is creating “positive content” for websites.

      • jill says:

        well I’m practically doing it here. The truth is, any time I sit at the computer to work I always have to check out my “snark site”. It keeps me from actually being productive. and nutso.

    • Kitty says:

      Btw, if she’s not getting paid for all this, then she comes across as maybe “just not right”, as we say in the South.

      • The Marlboro Woman says:

        She comes off as a crackpot. When you have time, read her tweets. This gal was sending Ree Amtrak information…that Ree never requested. She’s all over social media, but the only site she updates is Ree’s.
        I’m sure Linda’s a lovely woman, but she’s in serious need of a hobby.

        • Kitty says:

          I’m not so sure that she’s a lovely woman. I think crackpot and obsessive describe her very well.

          • The Marlboro Woman says:

            We did a little research and found this lone comment left on our site, posted from a Seattle location. We can’t be sure, but it sure has all the earmarks of Linda:
            “It doesn’t fall apart. Many people prefer to cook it that way because you get browning all around, not just on the top. The free-form meatloaf is suggested by Alton Brown and Nigella Lawson.”

  12. Kathryn says:

    Well, she is now health conscious. We can all shout, “Hallelujah”! In her pasta thing she wants us to go easy on the salt. Easy, because the cheese in the tortellini and cheese both have salt. Of course, she did go back to the green can parm (get the lumps out before you try to pass that pile off as freshly grated). She did caution everyone to just barely sautee the vegs because they need to have a bit of crunch, but then also said you could use frozen carrots, which have no crunch when thawed. And, the whole Spring Veg thing is hurtful. Cauliflower isn’t. Nor are carrots. I need to lie down.

  13. Kathryn says:

    Bless her heart.

  14. michele greene says:

    Perhaps some recent responses on pioneer,no, not a reeple

  15. Mel G says:

    You just have to wonder…… why??

  16. nancy says:

    She not only drank the koolaid good lord she created the recipe for it!!!

  17. Kitty says:

    I find this woman almost as annoying as P Dumb! I wonder if she has any life outside of worshiping her idol.

  18. poppy says:

    Lol, MW!

  19. JT says:

    OMG, I am sure that she votes too.

    • Polly N. Saturated says:

      There are probably a lot of people who vote who are not well informed enough to vote, unfortunately.

      The best that can be done is try to educate them.