The Pioneer Woman – The Deception Chapter 2

The Pioneer Woman calls it The Building, we call it The Deception, Chapter 2. Much like her 2009 “lodge renovation,” when she disguised the fact she was pitching a show to Food Network, Ree’s keeping the true nature of this new project her empire/brand expansion close to the vest, milking increased site traffic for bottom line profits. That Ree Drummond has a cooking show and can’t cook her way out of a paper bag is deplorable, but when it comes to romancing the Wal-Mart demo and creating a contest-driven readership, she’s pure genius. If the blog gig ever falters, the Pioneer Woman should seriously consider politics.

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Unconfirmed rumors suggest Ree is eyeing a talk show and will shoot it from here, the future home of Pioneer Woman OmniMedia.

Mimicking a communist dictator, Drummond unveils details about the **Pawhuska building in a carefully, calculated manner. Recent teasers about the site housing a deli and offices for family members don’t address plans for the surplus square footage or the entire second level. Ree’s embraced crowd sourcing too, inviting reeple to submit design ideas for the restrooms.  It’s rumored that construction workers, sub-contractors, architects, etc. signed confidentiality agreements before the project was underway.

Our emails from anonymous sources suggest, but do not confirm, the Pioneer Woman has set her sights on a talk show and a lifestyle magazine is also under consideration. The building could well be home to a second TV studio, where Ree would broadcast before a live audience.  Think local access cable channels, quality notwithstanding, you get the drift.  Given the planning involved, repeatedly playing coy for clicks doesn’t ring true.  You don’t just wake up one morning and decide to throw together one of these babies.   See Martha Stewart’s Westport, CT studio.

We don’t understand why Ree feels it necessary to fleece her reeple.  This 2009 post from the Pioneer Woman’s blog appears to have been modified. Previous versions never mentioned the lodge would be used as a television studio, but after being called out for scamming her readers, Drummond apparently rewrote the entry making it appear those were the plans all along…and so she wouldn’t look like the liar she is. We didn’t save screen shots of the before and after so we can only speculate this is what happened. As the PioneerWomanSux always said, Ree’s all about the “brand/image clean-up.”

**More details about Pawhuska’s Osage Mercantile Building



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51 Responses to The Pioneer Woman – The Deception Chapter 2

  1. Stewfanny says:

    My takeaway from the B-man show: Bricey. Make it stop. First there was Paigey and now Bricey. It’s a good damn thing those kids are homeschooled or the teasing would be intolerable. You’d think dipshit Ree would at least try to give her kids a bit of the cool factor with being on TV. Nope. Dorks them out every time.

    That meatloaf looked, and likely was, disgusting. Ditto on the mac and cheese. Yuck.

    I can barely tolerate her screechy voice on a half hour show. I cannot imagine her hosting a talk show.

    I will say her son is very cute. All her kids are pretty cute. For now. Despite her being beyond ridiculous, I cannot find it in my cold, black and snarky heart to tear down her kids. They are part of this at dumbo’s behest.

    Ree is a product of way too many people telling her she is special her whole life. Someone somewhere needs to tell this moron the truth.

    I have also noticed the lack of anyone in her past piping up online or in the news about Ree before her fame. Surely this woman was an insufferable twit in high school and college. Someone somewhere hates her. Why haven’t they been given any air time? Oh, and old bestie “Hy” needs to explore new hairstyles. Maybe she’s depressed from having to uphold the bestie glow in front of the cameras all these seasons. It cannot be easy to stroke that massive ego all the time.

    I am afraid it is official. I loathe Ree.

  2. Jeanne says:

    It’s a lazy Saturday morning and I was surfing channels and stopped dead in my tracks as I watched this woman with some kind of eternal dimpled grin layering strips of bacon on top of what I think was meatloaf, I’m not positive though. I’m sorry, but I don’t quite understand all of this. Is this some twisted kind of gastronomical anti-Christ of eating lean and healthy? Let me see, what could I possibly do to make that meatloaf more unhealthy. Maybe I’d slice some hard boiled eggs to put under those bacon slices. Or, cheese! Yes! Layers of smoked Gouda maybe. And dessert…. well, since Bryce loves ice cream and Bryce apparently can walk on water, a little 2000 calorie ice cream dessert won’t hurt any of us.
    What’s up with that dimpley-grin? Can any human grin that long without their cheeks cramping or teeth drying out causing lips to freeze on them? If I ate that meal, I’d have to find a few stray cattle to ride out to find and get those varmits roped up and back to the barn. All in a day’s work ma’dear.

  3. Susiebelle says:

    There is a donate button on my screen below the Facebook, Pinterest buttons etc. to donate $ to Marlboro Woman via paypal. Legit?

  4. Mel says:

    Why has she suddenly started calling everyone by their real names?

    Also, has anyone roasted corned beef before? I’ve only ever had it poached (slow cook in water) before and I’m intrigued!

  5. Pat says:

    She has been yapping about “the building” forever. Going to the web site of the Pawhuska Building, seems there are 2 buildings side by side not one, sure looks like one. The smaller one has restrooms new wiring & whatever else it said, they didn’t buy that one but the larger one, gutted & have been pissing around with it. Or did they buy both? I am confused as usual.

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      We have been researching this too. According to tax records, it looks like they bought both. They must have gotten it for pennies on the dollar. In 2006, there were no takers when the bldg. was auctioned–opening bid: $10,000

  6. Alex says:

    What would be some good[notgood] names for the deli?

  7. Kathryn says:

    I need to lie down.

    Her grammar in the Bryce thing is just not good. Neither is anything else, mind you, but the grammar!

    Next: in the corned beef thing, she thick-cut the brisket into slices! NOnononono! She does say we can shred, or cut into thin slices with a very sharp knife.

    Then, making her usual corned beef and cabbage, she made a balsamic reduction for the cabbage, which is of course what you do with a “classic St. Patrick’s Day” dish… Then, she pours some of the reduction over the cabbage! Ick!

    • Layla says:

      I Googled “corned beef + cabbage + balsamic,” and the only one that poured a balsamic reduction over any of it was her recipe. Some mixed it with the horseradish sauce; one roasted the cabbage with some. But nothing like she has. Which sounds awful.

    • Kathryn says:

      Rats. I meant she poured it over the corned beef.

      • AK says:

        Gotta give the stupid wench credit. When she finds an ingredient she likes, she uses the hell out of it. Even ones she can’t pronounce. I’m surprised she didn’t dump huge honkin’ cilantro leaves on the meat. I read her recipe and threw up in my mouth a little. That sounds simply godawful.

        • Layla says:

          Or sriracha sauce

          • Alex says:

            Or a can of chipotles!

          • Polly N. Satcherated says:

            [Chuckle, chuckle] Sriracha is DHs new love. (It was formerly Tabasco.) Puts it on everything….almost.

            I was ready to try it until I noticed it had sulfites in it (asthma and skin reactions make it a no-go). I did find a recipe “out there” and am going to try making my own. It just takes 1 1/2 pounds of peppers, vinegar and…….3 days (fermentation). Sounds fun though.

  8. Layla says:

    How long is this project going to drag on? It’s been what? A year, at least? Did they need special licenses and wiring to install a studio set-up? Just what is the hold up?

    The whole idea baffles me, no matter what she’s planning. Is she channeling Paula Deen, with a food and gift shop? Well, no one needs help figuring out the difference between Pawhuska and Savannah. A talk show? To whom is she going to talk? Who is going to schlep to nowheresville to talk to someone for 5-7 minutes? A cooking show? So she can remake and remake and remake all the food that’s been on her blog 2 or 3 times? To grace the citizens of Pawhuska with her food? Yeah, right. Like they’re going to flock to her place. (I do not know this for a fact, but I suspect the citizens of Pawhuska/Osage Co. wouldn’t much miss the Drummonds if they left. Again, just my suspicions.) Or is it solely for tax purposes? To have a big loss write-off to counteract the money she’s bringing in?

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      That’s what publicists are for, to convince guests that appearing on the Ree Drummond Show will advance their careers, products, etc. Pretty sure she’s thought out the details such as limo service between Pawhuska and Tulsa’s Ambassador Hotel.

      • Kathryn says:

        Tulsa has helicopter charters, and Pawhuska has an airport. So, it could be an hour drive or a very short flight.

    • Layla says:

      It occurred to me that maybe she’s being so closed-mouth about “The Building” because she wasn’t entirely open/honest about “The Lodge,” and how it was prepped as a TV studio. If she doesn’t say anything, then she doesn’t have to go back and “correct” anything.

  9. Biki says:

    She was planning the show with Pacific as her production company. The Paula Deen & Bobby Flay tie ins had to be in the pre production plan. They pitched the show, Food Network picked it up.

  10. The Marlboro Woman says:

    When I first saw this a couple years back, I wondered if it was some kind of audition tape:

    • cath says:

      oh dear…with her self proclaimed ugly dancer’s feet, how on earth did she get involved in a shoe promo?

      • nancy says:

        OMG she posted a pic of her and three buddies in tutus. She has faked tan to death and is bright orange. I have never laughed to hard in my laugh. Sad thing is, her oldest daughter could be her twin in that picture~

    • June g. says:

      This is a weird, SO WHAT interview. She is never going to be a lifestyle guru for me. But she’s has the Oprah factor, whatever she promotes, the Reeps can’t wait to get their hands on. “You get a tractor, YOU get a tractor, you all get a tractor!”

    • Kitty says:

      That woman never ceases to gross me out with her so called “humor”. I don’t know how she ever got to be where she is, because every time I see her, she just looks more and more stupid. She is about as far from funny as you can get. She really loves telling everybody how stupid she is too. How many times now have I heard about the uncomfortable shoes in Chicago story now! She also loves to point out all the places she gets to go on trips. It’s all I can do to just watch the idiot!

      • nancy says:

        OMG my intelligence level just dropped to zero!!! What the heck is the point of this whole thing?? Who gives a rat’s *** about this crap! Oh yeah, the reeple zombies do!

  11. Myreehurts says:

    Oh, and get ready for this Saturday’s show- all about Bryce’s favorites. We’re supposed to believe he loves salad with vinaigrette and Mac and cheese with fontina and goat cheese. No doubt, they edit out the part where he asks for Hamburger Helper.

    • cath says:

      Now, let’s get this straight. PW often laments about her family being picky eaters…an excuse used for the crap menu. Then she has homeschooled these kids and cotton wooled them away from the big, scary world. StuffedPuffMan drinks Dr Pepper for breakfast and doesn’t know how to bbq to save himself. Not to mention the local grocery store reportedly not worth shopping at because of its lack of variety.

      So when and how did Bryce develop a taste for mac and cheese with fontina and goat cheese?

      • Britt says:

        I recall reading a post from way back when (can’t remember exactly when) that her kids & MM love hamburger helper. If I remember correctly, she posted a photo of her groceries all layed out on the kitchen counter w/ several boxes of the stuff. Little Brycie’s palate seems to come a long way….

        • cath says:

          Here ya go…it’s not the hamburger helper post, it’s an ‘I cleaned out my pantry post’ and there isn’t anything remotely like gourmet shopping in this photofest! You’d think she lived a million miles from civilisation and had to feed thousands with the quantities she displays here.

          • Erine says:

            Dear heavens… she’s not a “cook.” She’s a freakin’ hoarder who clearly has no damn clue how to manage a pantry.

    • nancy says:

      LOL yeah every 7 year old I know LOVESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS goat cheese and salad!! I have never laughed to hard in my life.

      • Kathryn says:

        Actually, our Grandgirlies did at seven. They were raised with wonderful food, and had quite mature tastes. Their sack lunches were/are amazing. However, the Drummond kiddos were not introduced to different foods, so their tastes are probably quite different.

  12. Myreehurts says:

    Cooking shows are clearly not the future for PW. Most comments on her show center around her family and ranch. By the lack of comments on her FN recipes, I suspect fewer and fewer people are actually cooking her food. And, she’s had how many seasons of her show now? Her stage presence, sequence of her show and continuity are NOT improving. I just don’t think she sees herself behind the counter doing a cooking show in another couple years.

    My guess is it will be a family show about running a deli and ranch. There will be more of the family and it will be more of a reality show. Hold on to your skirts ladies, shit is about to get even more BORING!

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      Just for the hell of it, I checked my TV Guide. Here’s a sampling of what’s on right now: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, Wild West Alaska and my all time fav, Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor. Yep, Ree’s new reality/talk show will fit right in.

      • D'OH! says:

        I vomited on stupid,

        is this really what amerkia is going to?
        spelling intentional…

      • Layla says:

        Which is why I was so excited when WGN started showing Law & Order going back to the very beginning. It’s like they’re new again.

        It’s amazing to me to have so many channels available, and yet, there’s nothing on.

  13. cath says:

    Curiously, wayback machine, the internet archive page, comes up with this message when I plug in the url

    This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine.”

    Another deal done to preserve the lies!

    But, I do recall someone ages ago saying they had downloaded the wholesite when it became obvious it was being sanitised.

    *** Note, there is one comment on the blogpost though referencing her videos. Is it possible to edit comments too?

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      Absolutely, I could have changed your comment to say anything I wanted.

      • cath says:

        There you go! Change one comment, or add one in, and *poof* a whole new history is written! The Reeple being how they are with comments as well, would surely have pounced on the videos way back then and commented away like fury, praising her, and squeeling at the thought of being able to watch their beloved.

        Curiousity got the better of me and I checked through her PeeDumb videos on youtube. The oldest I can find goes back 3 years, which would be 2011. Seems odd that the Lodge was to be used for her to make little instructional videos and yet after all that expense it took years to get them happening.

    • poppy says:

      She deleted all of the comments from the rust colored Sassoon panties post. Also looks as though it has been rewritten, although I don’t have a copy of the original.

      • The Marlboro Woman says:

        We shouldn’t be surprised. Remember when she removed all her Typepad material? If prior blog posts don’t fit the current business model, she ree-writes and/or deletes them.

  14. Mel says:

    In 2009 she didn’t HAVE a cooking show so to claim in that post that it would be used for filming is totally fake. Why oh why does she do this?? She would have soooo much (more?) credibility if she was just open and upfront with her plans. The reeple would still flock. But then I guess MW would be out of business lol

  15. BB says:

    If there is talk show in the works its a good thing the building is only 2 stories. That way when the people listen to that God awful voice of hers they won’t be injured when they jump! Lol

  16. Florista says:

    I just re-read that 2009 post, and I don’t remember ever seeing anything that indicated she was going to ‘tape food tutorials’ with her girls ‘as assistants.’ TOTALLY sanitized.

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      Catch Ree in a lie and POOF, it’s gone.

      • anon. says:

        Wasn’t there someone who posted at PWSux who had screenshots of a lot of old PW posts? I wonder if she has that one from 2009. I sure don’t remember that part about filming tutorials, either.

  17. nancy says:

    When oh when will the reeple zombies see the light??