Did The Pioneer Woman Pitch This Cowboy Reality Show?

With rumors swirling that the Pioneer Woman has set her sights on yet another television show, one of our sleuth readers sent us the following from New York Times bestselling author, Craig Johnson. Sounds like Orion Entertainment, headquartered in the great state of Colorado and home to the Drummond’s Vail playground, has been tapped to produce a cowboy-reality show. The pitch, grandiose in scale, seeks characters embodying traits so implausible, we couldn’t help but wonder if this might be the work of none other than our favorite little ol’ narcissist.

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Is The Pioneer Woman pitching a cowboy reality show?

You be the judge.

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71 Responses to Did The Pioneer Woman Pitch This Cowboy Reality Show?

  1. Layla says:

    In dire need of a map of the US (and spell check), someone posted on FB that she and her “beasties” (in California) are going on a road trip to MT (Montana) and wanted to know where PW’s store is. That’s the second time I’ve read a post where the reeple think she’s in Montana. (Then again, it could be the same one.)

  2. Layla says:

    Credit where credit is due: PW posted some pictures that Paige and a friend took. They are entertaining and quite good, especially the last one.

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      Pictures from where? The Scripps Network Upfront? Is there a link?

      • Romen says:

        Just some pics Paige took of her and a friend jumping into the air, silhouetted by a sunset. Momma used them to form her latest “Confessions” post. Layla’s right; they’re quite good. Ree can use her kids creativity for her site now. Sigh.

      • AnneMareeDee says:

        I believe Layla is referring to the photos on Ree’s blog for the post ‘Fourteen and Free’.

    • cath says:

      Something bugs me about these images. For starters what camera were they using? And even though I don’t know the girls from a bar of soap Paige has always been photographed as more elegant. Alex has always appeared in these more awkward poses. There was a recent jumping post on their ski holiday that I’m thinking of. But regardless of my thoughts on that the pics are too well coloured to be taken from a camera phone. Execution too masterful for someone using an auto camera. Just plain off to me… and i can’t put my finger on it.

      • The Marlboro Woman says:

        Those pics may have been taken with an iPhone, but no doubt Mom edited them with Photoshop.

        • cath says:

          Possibly could have, but I take a lot of photos on the farm with my iphone for promo purposes, facing into the coloured skies in the morning and the afternoon, and that sort of clarity over a distance just does not happen. Then again there may be apps and other assistants that can help – I’m likely too old to keep up with all the new fangled gadegetry!

          But…what you say about the editing is incredibly likely. PeeDumb moves the bar ever higher for a new demographic. Now we’ll have teens wondering why THEY can’t take such beautiful photos with just their iphone.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Love Craig Johnson, and his Longmire series is now one of our household’s favorite shows.

    His take on the call for the cowboy reality show is so good, because the concept is truly laughable to anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of how a ranch actually operates. It does sound like a proposal Ree could have written, especially the part about “sheering” sheep. Next thing, they’ll be asking for someone to bail hay, for crying out loud.

    With all the other reediculous reality shows out there, this one will probably come to fruition, too. Makes me want to shoot my television . . . .

  4. D'OH! says:

    Sorry, but the Drummonds and that TV show is never going to happen.

    Yes at the moment I have an axe to grind.
    First Point. They do not fit the demographic
    2nd. They are rich people “playing at ranching” – proven point they have no idea.
    3rd. She’ll sell her self to get into that shows slot anyhow anytime, INCLUDING her daughters

    Ree, it’s about time you sat on the bench.
    Even your brother now know you are playing on the special team.

  5. Layla says:

    From FB: “I just read your recipes for Easter in the new Woman’s Day magazine. I love all of them….simple but delicious sounding. I can’t wait to make the whole menu. Thanks”

    Checked, and she’s not on the cover (Uh oh, some PR person’s ass is in a sling). I searched their recipes, and she’s shown with a cake, herbed potatoes au gratin, lemon vinaigrette green beans, and root beer-glazed ham (“Sometimes I use cola or even Dr Pepper!”).

    • nancy says:

      Found this on her facebook page. It is a picture of her and a unknown child. “Today I took a trip to the supermarket, and shortly after I got out of my truck, this little guy ran over to me, gave me a huge hug, and told me I was his girlfriend. It pretty much made my whole day. Thanks to his mom for sharing this photo with me! (And yes, that’s my dirty pickup behind us. It’s how I roll, man.)” This nauseating crap got over 100,000 likes!!

      • Sherry says:

        Well, she’s noticed the dirty pickup is an issue with some folks. Thing is, she lives down a dirt road, that pickup will never be clean for more than 5 minutes. That’s just how it is on dirt roads. My drive is a 1/4 mile long white rock “lane” and my vehicle is always covered in dust too. Heck, it’s in the wind around here (not that far from PW).

        Looks a bit like she’s lost weight in that pic too. I think she’s listening in around here.

      • Layla says:

        The little boy’s mom posted it first, then PW posted. I don’t recall that she’s re-posted like that before, when others have had their picture taken with her and posted them. But they didn’t call her “his girlfriend.”

      • Cathy says:

        Barf is right. You can get diabetes from all the fake sugary phoney stuff she puts out. The reeple just eat it up. They are dumb.

    • V. Salt says:

      I have that magazine. Eee gads, if I was PW, I’d be pissed at Woman’s Day mag, the pictures of her are awful and unflattering. The food is the usual snooze fest of rehashed recipes, nothing exciting.

  6. Dawn says:

    The timing of all this is suspect to me. Could it be that the “building” is going to be home to a new production co? Seeing as how her book being turned into a movie bit the dust. Her pitch for the rancholer didn’t go anywhere. I’m sure she realized her time is running out on the FN. A move from in front of the camera to behind the scenes.

    What is a millionaire to do with all that time on her hands? Well, she can buy an old building in town and restore it. Tell everyone it’s to be a deli and business offices, but don’t go into detail about how the rest of the building will be used. Now she can produce all the craptastic reality shows she wants. I realize these would have to be bought to air. I’m sure that’s a minor detail to her. I smell a botoxed rat!

  7. The Marlboro Woman says:

    Hey guys, do me a huge favor please. Let me know what your on-screen TV guide has listed for tomorrow’s PW show at 10 EDT/9 CDT. ( I don’t need info for the earlier episode at 9:30 EDT.) My guide is showing a rerun and so is Food Network’s site. But get this, according to the FN site, Season 7 still has 2 more episodes. Go figure.

    • anon. says:

      Mine says, “Feeding Cows, Feeding Cowboys” (2013) Breakfast puffs, French dip sandwiches.

      • The Marlboro Woman says:

        Thanks, that’s what mine says too. Interesting.

        • Erine says:

          Wonder if they’re holding off on the new episodes because of the NCAA tournament? I know they’d hate to lose viewers because a husband has commandeered the television to watch mere basketball!

          • The Marlboro Woman says:

            Don’t most families have more than one TV? :)

            • Sherry says:

              Not according to the networks. Tonight several networks were running the tournament but none were running new stuff, well, not anything I wanted to watch. I’m watching re-runs on HGTV. It’s sad. Maybe they think that the multiple TV’s per household will all be watching different bits of the tournament on different TV’s? I just want the damned thing to go away, I hate March anymore.

            • Erine says:

              Wait…what? More than one television? Madness!

          • Layla says:

            I wondered if it was because of the tournament, too. But her show is on in the mornings, and the games start in the afternoon, so no time conflict.

          • Kitty says:

            I’ve always disliked basketball. I absolutely hate when basketball season and “March Madness” rolls around. People lose their minds over the crap!

            • Erine says:

              We’re not one of those families who live and die around sports- no NASCAR in this house, no basketball, no football, and no baseball. The only sport I follow is professional cycling.

              As someone who doesn’t really follow sports, I simply cannot understand the excitement over the playoffs. Come to think of it, I can’t understand the excitement that a simpleton calling herself Pioneer Woman can cause simply by melting a crap-ton of butter and mixing in a cup of heavy cream and a handful of Parmesan cheese raises in throngs culinary-uneducated people, either.

              Some mysteries are meant to be just that.

    • Layla says:

      PW post this morning: “No new Pioneer Woman shows on Food Network for the next couple of weeks, but will be back with a bunch of new episodes very soon!” Then she put in a plug for Heartland Table and The Kitchen.

      “Bunch” of new shows?!? Vera may have to increase her vitamin intake. Or wine.

      • nancy says:

        I loved her face book post of a sloppy bowl of waffle batter, ugh. And all the PW Zombies when bat crap crazy over it, what is wrong with people? Glad I never learned to baa!! These people need help and lives!

        • Layla says:

          That’s one of the things that just makes me want to bang my head on the table or do the bitch-slap post. All those people begging for the recipes, and not a one of them can figure out 1) it’s been on before and 2) Google it, for God’s sake. Google will take you to all 2, 3, 4… times it’s been on her blog or on Food Network.

  8. Laurel says:

    The pitch is totally unrealistic and ree-diculous!

    Fantasy mixed with manipulation to the gullible viewers who believe it unquestioningly because their brains have never been used despite their mouths going 24/7 worshipping their phony red queen.

    It’d work better as a soap opera than a “reality” show, but then Hyacinth should have been sleeping with flat-butt-in-chaps for the last few years, and someone should secretly be selling drugs to the local town kids with cowboy Josh as the supplier, while the other has been getting in trouble with the cops over being charged with drunk driving mamma’s favorite home-made lemonade spiked with grandpa’s vodka while driving a tractor over the speed limit (lol)!

    Nothing she does surprises me anymore. She’s a perfect example of audacious snake-oil capitalism at its worst. I love to hate her.
    It’s entertaining.

  9. Charlie says:

    Isn’t there already a family ranching show on some channel? I see it advertised. See, if they did this, they’d actually have to go cowboy and not pushing a pencil. I don’t know if fair skinned Ladd and gReeD could do this bidness in reality.

  10. MB in the city says:

    Several years ago, I remember watching a program on PBS called “Ranch House” or “Frontier House”, or some such. It was interesting and well done (and available on DVD, I think). I’m not feeling the same way about Orion Entertainment’s proposed project.

    • Sherry says:

      I think it was Frontier Family or somesuch. The idea was to move a modern family back in time and have them live with only those things available in Kansas in the 1850’s or something like that. I think it was originally a BBC series that a US network picked up and made their own version. I remember seeing a family in a Victorian house and the woman realizing she couldn’t shave her legs and that there was no fridge and she had to buy meat daily. Same thing but not close to this show that was pitched which is all modern day.

      • Polly N. Satcherated says:

        Believe it or not, when I first saw PW listed on the show lineup, that’s exactly what I thought the show was about….a modern family doing th pioneer thing, like bread baking, canning and other things that REAL pioneer women did. LOL was I wrong.

  11. Romen says:

    I would think it entirely possible that she be involved in the pitch, the casting, the producing, etc. It would add to her greedy piggy bank, wouldn’t it? She could be considering her own family as something of a benchmark (dream on…they do *not* fit the bill of goods described) and pitching to Orion how successful *she* is as proof that the show, in turn, would be successful. It also makes sense because only our shit-for-brains ‘pioneer’ wouldn’t be aware a plethora of such shows already exist and her ‘idea’ is hardly unique.

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      Ree’s still stinging that her “Ranchelor” idea was rejected.

      • Romen says:

        Precisely! Next, she’ll be trying to direct a major motion picture!

        • The Marlboro Woman says:

          Yeah, probably her highly touted PW movie which never saw fruition after Sony dumped it and two, maybe three screenwriters threw the project back in the slush pile. Talk about a Hallmark Channel movie of the week.

          • nancy says:

            If they were to do a movie about anybody, it should be Ladd’s grand parents and his mother and father. They were the true pioneers who started the multi million dollar ranches they are now a part of. Ladd was born into it, kind of like Paris Hilton …

            • Florida Flo says:

              Then they would have to admit Chuck went bankrupt and hid the assets – ie put the ranch in Ladd’s and Tim’ names.

              Hyacinth needs to go to confession but not for sleeping with ass chaps as someone suggested as a good “plot” for a ranching show. She got her own skinny/shrimpy judge.

  12. The Marlboro Woman says:

    Please note we’re only speculating, in a very tongue in cheek way, that if Ree pitched a cowboy show, it would sound as off the wall as this.

  13. AKBon says:

    It looks like someone is trying to make another Alaska: The Last Frontier. It follows the Kilcher family. Although not on the show its the family of Jewel, the singer. They live a subsistence lifestyle in Alaska on the Kenai peninsula. Really a interesting story of how the family came to own the homestead. Now that is a TRUE pioneer story! They run cattle and fight off bears and wolves sometimes in the process. Basically what the pitch is looking for is a check list of the show. Good looking young men and all. The only exception would perhaps be the amount of time spent on a horse by everyone. All the women in that family could teach the fraud a thing or two about what a pioneer woman truly is. Yes, it is a “reality” show but we have friends that know the family and they are very nice genuine people.

    • Layla says:

      Interesting….after reading a bit of the spec, I started thinking somewhere in Alaska would fit the bill. (According to the Oklahoma State Historical web site, there aren’t any grizzlies in Oklahoma. Maybe they can wrangle a buffalo or two.)

    • Karon says:

      My husband and I love that show. There is no way in hell that Ree Drummond could survive that lifestyle.

  14. AK says:

    Too funny. Sarah Palin’s little ego-orgy sparked a slew of reality shows set in Alaska so maybe Ree has been the inspiration for fake “ranch” life. That pitch is hilarious though. They only want photogenic ranch families, with no-doubt appropriately wholesome values and interesting hobbies. Entirely fake and prepackaged–yep, sounds like a Ree project.

  15. anon. says:

    Unfortunately, Ree does not spend more time on a horse than in a truck. So much for that dream.

  16. Layla says:

    Someone has been watching too much Bonanza or Little House. Sounds like they want the Osmonds on the Prairie, if any of them rode horses. Or the Duggers–they are musical. I’m surprised they didn’t ask for the family to use a chuck wagon or have to drive a wagon to the store. It’s 2014, not 1814.

    Although if we see PW start to make a quartet out of her kids, we’ll know what’s up.

  17. Katherine says:

    Beekeeping?! Making their own clothes….I agree with the author of the article…how would you find time to do all this if you run a ranch?! Oh well maybe it you were a bored ranch housewife…there has to be more out there besides just Ree.

  18. Sherry says:

    It’s kinda hard to tell. I mean, the ages alone would be difficult. Alex is maybe just turning 17 and Ree and Asschaps are way the hell over 35. We won’t go into the looks thing but they could fake the hobbies and outdoor activities. The ages thing though would be very difficult and if they do not want to deal with underage actors then the rest of the kids would be left out which leaves them 2 short of 3 kids per family.

    I think it’s more likely that some Hollywood type noticed PW’s “success” and figured there is a market there or maybe wants to show the more real side but this is Hollyweird so I’m thinking the former.

    Now, wouldn’t THAT be funny if someone ripped off her idea and lifestyle and was even more successful with it??