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Food Network B.C.C. before canned crap

We love to browse sales tables at the local Barnes & Noble looking for cooking gems. Recently I snagged this treasure for less than four bucks. Published in 2003, before Bob Tuschman assumed the Food Network helm and began his reign of culinary terror, this book hails from the days of yore, when Food Network featured actual cooking shows hosted by trained chefs, as opposed to a bored, post-partum-depressed Ree Drummond and her train wreck Pioneer Woman show.

Food Network Kitchens Cookbook 002

Slush Pile Hell

What happened to The Pioneer Woman movie? Looks like Reese Witherspoon’s agent successfully prevailed upon her client to reject this mediocre movie-of-the-week project that’s been “in the works” for years. The last we read, the original screen writer had resigned and another had been hired. From the looks of things, Reese is so busy these days, she won’t have time nor the inclination to attach her name to such frivolity.

Jaden Stinks Up Twitter

Remember Jaden of Steamy Kitchen fame, the woman who took pictures of herself jumping up and down on a bed at the Drummond ranch? What’s up with this moron? Can she not lick the pioneer woman’s butt enough? Now she’s co-hosting a hospitality suite with the fake little ol’ ranch wife at next month’s BlogHerFood convention in Austin.  Get over it Reeple, entry to this suite is by invitation only.

How Austin,  a culture singularly defined for its edginess, ended up hosting a Joel Osteen-like crowd of women who pay to sit in the same hotel conference room with Ree Drummond remains to be seen.  A sad day for Austin indeed. Too bad the city’s bars and clubs, known for their avant garde music scene, won’t see much revenue from this crowd.

Photographer, Shane Bevel aka Tulsa, OK suck up

Have you guys seen these purportedly “professional” pics of the faux Pioneer Woman? Ree’s face looks like a PhotoShopped cross between her own and one or maybe both of her daughters. I didn’t have time to read much about this guy’s background other than on GOMI, where Bevel reportedly accused GOMI of being an image thief. Ostensibly these were taken for LHJ,  another mag that succumbed to Ree’s publicists after being inundated with press releases. One caption would fit all these shots:

“Hi, my name’s Ree. Don’t I look purty? My hiney is absolutely tingling at how good I look.  I totally want to be a food celebrity just like Ina Garten. The only difference is I don’t have near as much money as she, but I have enough to hire publicists to promote my talentless ass and local photographers to make me look Reely good.“

The WSJ’s Ellen Byron follows in Amanda Fortini’s footsteps

With the Pioneer Woman’s next cookbook in the loosest sense of the word slated for a Fall release, her publicists are moving into high gear flooding the media with press releases about Ree growing up on a golf course and lassoing a cowboy.  The Wall Street Journal’s Ellen Byron is the latest suck-up to write a fairy tale about the fairy tale, one no doubt billed to Susanna and Meg’s expense account.

For those unable to get past the WSJ pay wall, here’s an interview with the author:

The Pioneer Woman | Open Topic

We’re starting a new feature here at The Marlboro Woman. Called “Open Topic,” we’ll keep comments open between posts so readers can post whatever’s on their mind about the fake Pioneer Woman. All we ask, please don’t insult our intelligence and keep the topic about Ree.  Comments such as “she’s so yucky” are not only immature, but are at best tweeted. If you think she’s yucky, tell us why. When commenting, please keep in mind this site is for discussions of Ree Drummond, her phoniness and the fabricated Pioneer Woman image. If you’re a fence rider, an employee of the Pioneer Woman or one of those Reeple pinheads who live their lives vicariously thru this imposter, spare us the hate, bullying, jealous diatribes. Your comment will be deleted.

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123 Responses to The Pioneer Woman | Open Topic

  1. Melissa says:

    OHHHhhhhhh PW just posted the newest Land of Lakes commercial.

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      I have never seen a Land O’ Lakes commercial. When do they run them? Probably in the middle of the night with the ads for penile implants and rascal scooters.

  2. Myreehurts says:

    Just checked out a couple of her recipies at the Land O Lakes site, and she makes carmelized onions with 1/4 cup brown sugar. Someone should let her know she doesn’t have to add sugar to make proper carmelized onions.

    And, her corn casserole: corn, cream, butter. How original. Grandmothers everywhere have been doing this for centuries.

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      Caramelizing onions with brown sugar? Are you serious…pardon me while I throw up. Who caramelizes onions like that? And the Food Network uses this dolt to judge real Chefs. Geeez!

  3. amanda says:

    Not sure if this is too off topic but The Next Food Network Star starts this weekend and I really want to watch it but is she going to be a judge????

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      You’re not off topic. As long as it pertains to Ree and her scheme to worm her way onto the culinary scene, comment away. And please let us know if she’s going to be on that show.

      • amanda says:

        I’m going to be watching unless and until she is a judge. I’ll let you know. Also noticed she now has a 5:30 slot on FN. Moving into prime time??? Arrghhh!

        • Bridget McArthur says:

          That 4:30 (in my time zone) slot is the one I see when I have to wait in the break room for my almost always late husband. Since that is the normal go home time here at my place of work, there are quite a few people in and out of the break room. Not a one has ANY idea who she is. Cracks me up though that most will take a moment to watch and then look at me with curiosity. I imagine they are trying to judge if I am enjoying watching the show. I always tell them I hate her but she is SO bad it’s like a train wreck.

  4. Denise says:

    Two things. First my daughter came home, saw me watching a cooking show and said, “Ugh, are you watching her? Oh, I thought you were watching the red head.” I was watching Ina. My daughter is 14. Secondly, I’ve noticed the media is really playing up Trisha’s and Paula’s weight loss. I wouldn’t be surprised if PW starts a weight loss program then tries to cash in on it.

  5. sherbetlemon says:

    Wha…what, again, really!? I’m not snarking on the kid at all, but how many blog posts can PW devote *solely* to that one boy wiggling his eyebrow ever so very slightly? How many times is that now? Yes Ree, truly he’s a master of disguise. She really is out of material.

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      No time for originality this week. Ree’s too busy preparing for Blogher Food 2013 reeple worship fest in Austin this weekend. Another excuse for the PW adoring throngs to slobber all over their hero.

    • Susiebelle says:

      Ok so I went and looked. She received over 1400 comments on the eyebrow thing! You would think with loads of people on the payroll, there would be a tiny bit of creativity. Snore!

      • Kendra says:

        I was thinking the same thing, why so many comments about an eyebrow? Sheesh, it’s practically a non-eyebrow. It took me a while to figure out what was different about the pictures.

        • poppycorn says:

          That’s time you and I will never get back!

          • Myreehurts says:

            That’s because she asked if her readers can do it. Of course, they all jumped at the chance to leave a comment talking about themselves. As if, raising one eyebrow is so original or talented!

  6. The Marlboro Woman says:

    Set your DVRs. Here’s Food Network’s promo for the July 27, 2013 PW show:

    Ree’s sharing her ideas of the best things in the world. There are comfort classics like the Best Tomato Soup Ever and the Best Grilled Cheese Ever. For breakfast, the Best Scrambled Eggs Ever and a dessert to die for, the Best Yogurt Parfait Ever.

    I can hardly wait. All these years, I’ve been searching endlessly for grilled cheese and scrambled egg recipes. WTF? Is she going to open a can of Campbell’s Cream of Tomato soup? Plus the yogurt parfait recipe is widely available on hundreds of websites.

    • vera charles says:

      People need recipes for tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, scrambled eggs and yogurt parfaits? Seriously? I hope you are joking because that is just ridiculous.

      • The Marlboro Woman says:

        I copied and pasted the quote directly from the FN site. Don’t know if I can wait until July 27…actually, I guess I could check with my Mom and see if she has a recipe.

        • June g, says:

          Sounds like a “Bachelor/Bachelorette” promo…..”The most DRAMATIC Pioneer Woman show…..EVER!!”. I can’t believe they’re showing this inane show.

  7. jill says:

    forget it. I’m still trying to make that lemonade. it’s friggan H-A-R-D!

    • joan says:

      Yeah, it’s almost as hard as slathering butter on bread, then baking it to make “The Bread”.

      I did make one of Ree’s recipes (for roasted shrimp), and it was very tasty. However, I used about 1/2 of the butter she suggested, and it still turned out WAY more buttery than it needed to be (and I’m a butter fan).

  8. jimzmum says:

    Oh, good grief! Food Network just emailed me with her Eggs Benedict. Sacrilege! The blender hollandaise recipe is Marion Rombauer’s from the 1976 edition of “Joy of Cooking”. It has been twisted a bit, but it is the same. She changed the order of some of the ingredients, and apparently decided you didn’t need to keep the container in hot water until you used the sauce. Ick.

    Then, no vinegar in the poaching water. Of course, people still gave her four and five stars even though their eggs went to foam. Did she ever cook this?

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      Yes she’s already done this recipe plus it’s also in Bartlesville’s Green Country Cookbook.

  9. I read the WSJ article, thanks MW, and I was shocked that the author, in couched terms, attributed the name Lasagna to Ms. Drummond – I think she states that PW uses simple names for her food that we all can relate to, like lasagna. I had to shake my head for a moment and reread the passage. I thought lasagna was lasagna or am I missing something? If she makes lasagna, it’s called lasagna. Do they think we are that illiterate?
    I guess it’s always good to know who originated the name of all the foods we eat. Ree Drummond, what a genius and to think I thought she was just some two bit, wanna be famous, at any cost, individual. Silly me.

  10. Susan says:
    I don’t know if you’ve seen this or not, but its very interesting as are all the comments! Lots of doubters and lots of Reeple.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Here are two of the more inane paragraphs from the WSJ article (which I was able to read without being a subscriber by clicking on this link––which came up in a Google search for “deli-style restaurant Pawhuska”):

    One of the show’s more thrilling aspects is the generous and unapologetic use of butter. For four servings of “Marlboro Man’s Favorite Sandwich,” she cooks beef and onions in two sticks of butter, and she uses two sticks of butter, plus a block of cream cheese and cup of heavy cream, for her “creamy mashed potatoes” in a “generously” buttered dish.

    Many viewers find “The Pioneer Woman” and other cooking shows fit how they watch TV now—they may wander in and out of an episode, or watch fragments at odd times—and they can still make sense of the relaxing fantasy plot.

    I’m not sure why Byron thinks “the generous and unapologetic use of butter” is thrilling, but at least she got the fantasy part of TPW correct–fantasy plot is right!

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      Ree’s publicists target young, naive journalists (remember Amanda Fortini? She eventually retracted her initial impressions) who are looking to make a name for themselves chronicling the latest trend. Listen to the audio clip in the WSJ article. Byron has literally been brainwashed into believing Bob Tuschman’s theory about cooking shows. Susanna and Meg wined and dined this gal and she reciprocated their kindness with this fluff piece. In 2006 Ree Drummond was a nobody with a blog. Then Ladd hired publicists to make his nobody wife a household name. Money talks and this is Ree’s 15 minutes of fame.

    • Bridget McArthur says:

      Sooooo, if Ladd (is that right?) has a massive coronary and a quadruple bypass, I wonder what the headline will look like? I am quite sure that “the generous and unapologetic use of butter” won’t be in it.

  12. Bond says:

    Today’s show of Pioneer Woman Cooks used SIX sticks of butter. The menu was beef tenderloin. She did say that 17 people were coming to eat, but SIX sticks of butter? Ree-diculous.

    • Kansas Woman says:

      I watched part of that episode and just about died! Did you count the two sticks of butter that she dumped on that beef tenderloin? She also used an 8 oz. package of cream cheese, 1 cup of half and half, and two big splashes of whipping cream on her potatoes. She made that cake and used a whole quart of whipping cream on it also. That show was so terrible. You can take the worst cook in the world, give her butter, cream, and cream cheese, and she can make cardboard taste good. She is using all of these rich fattening products to make up for her lack of cooking skills. I just can’t imagine that this is what Food Network has come to. Thank goodness there are still shows out there like Ina Garten, who really knows what they are doing and how to make a dish flavorful without making it a heart attack on a plate!!!

    • Joyce says:

      I think the count is closer to ten sticks of butter! 2 in the cake, 2 poured over the tenderloin, 2 (or was it 3?) in the potatoes, then she also sliced up 6 more tbsp. and studded the potatoes before they were baked in the casserole. Don’t forget that she spread a whole softened stick on HALF of that loaf of bread, so if we assume that another whole stick was used on the other half of the loaf, she used at least close to 9 sticks, 10 if there were 3 sticks in the potatoes (before the additional 6 tbsp). That’s a lot of butter, 17 people or not.

      • The Marlboro Woman says:

        Ree’s recipe bank must be quite limited. Both the mashed potatoes and tenderloins were done on a previous show. The recipe for the mashed potatoes is one she ripped out of Bartlesville’s Green Country Cookbook.

        • Suz says:

          And let’s not even mention that stupid burned bread. I threw some buttered bread on the outside grill tonight. it burned real fast. I trimmed off the black parts. Ick!

          • The Marlboro Woman says:

            But aren’t you happy though? Surely you’ve been searching for a buttered bread recipe and now thanks to the culinary rogue, you have one.

            • Bridget McArthur says:

              She taught us how to burn bread???? And I missed it?

              Jacques Pepin burned his lamb burgers the other day and totally made fun of himself. He said something like who cares I like it that way.

        • The Captain's Wife says:

          I’d personally love to see more exposing of PW, in terms of someone scanning the pages of the Green Country Cookbook and comparing it with Ree’s blog posts. (Best make a screen capture lest she has an oh-crap moment like the Etsy kerfuffle.)

    • meme says:

      Did she say the friends had moved back a year ago? Did she have to wait until the show filmed to do the “welcome”? I was amazed at the cake, how do you serve17 people with that? I don’t get it, who pushes slabs of butter in potatoes like that? Sugar on the tenderloin? “The bread?” “Pawhuska’s the getting place these days”? The show has been bad, but I think it finally jumped the shark. The salad looked the best.

      • The Marlboro Woman says:

        Ree is one of the producers of the show and as such, she writes the plodding scripts that accompany her corny weekly themes. It reminds me of a high school drama project.

      • Suz says:

        Joyce, Agreed. today’s new show was bad. My husband wanted to check my temperature to see how sick I was — he couldn’t believe I was watching. The reason I watched was because in the midst of the OK tornadoes and devastation and sorrow, ree’s main concern about these few first episodes of this new season was…..wait for it….did she have enough eyeliner on.?!? She said she cut back this time and feared her eyes would disappear. I would like to officially state that, yes, PW, you had more than enough eyeliner on.

  13. The Marlboro Woman says:

    I wanted to share with you an example of the garbage emails I receive on a daily basis. This is not only hilarious, but the author left her full name, street address, city, state and telephone number:

    It is all about being you. We don’t need to be gourmet cooks, we don’t need to have all healthy foods “if we work hard enough”. We can laugh at ourselves, cakes can flop, our kids don’t have to go to perfect schools, but they can learn how to work. If you can make money doing what you like to do – go for it!
    We are having a rainy day and my boss (activity department in a Nursing Home) is whining about the rain…I am not working because I had a knee replacement..( could have been from too much butter or from the gardening, lawn mowing, cow milking, tree planting I did). Back to my point..we have fifty people depressed because there is nothing to do on this cloudy day. A perfect day to make sun catchers out of beads, bake bread…by the way I grind my own wheat. Can’t get much more gourmet than that, but I don’t expect you to do that since I got five gallons of wheat berries from my friend as they harvested. TPW works with the half full – half empty idea.
    Do what your good at…find it, enjoy it! Right now your glass is just plain empty. Get your own life, I don’t see much I want in your blog.

    • poppycorn says:

      I actually respect the fact she left all her info. This email though is a real “what the what?”

    • Laurel says:

      ugh. self-righteous twit. an e-mail that belongs in the round file…
      Interesting how if she (or they) don’t find much they want in your blog, how is it that they find it in the first place?

    • Susan says:

      Lady, I don’t get you at all! What in the world are you trying to say?

    • June g, says:

      I think she might be one of the residents at the nursing home. She’s a bit delusional…

      • Myreehurts says:

        Of course she loves “what she does” because clearly, here she is at work, doing no work at all. Even if she is recovering from “knee replacement surgery” I can think of 50 things she could be doing to help brighten the spirits of her nursing home residents, instead of emailing you. Nutjob all the way.

    • The Captain's Wife says:

      “…by the way I grind my own wheat.”

      Sounds like she left her address so you would know which way to face when you drop to your knees and bow down to Her Royal Bakeness, The Grind Wheatchess.

      • DOH! says:

        “It’s all about you being you”
        Now read though my rambling email about me me me me me.
        Of course she is a Reeple *rollseyes*

    • Bridget McArthur says:

      You know that feeling when you walk in to the middle of a conversation and you can’t for the life of you figure out what the heck they are talking about? Reading that gave me that feeling. I really want to say….HUH? But I feel like I should just smile and back away slowly!

  14. Laurel says:

    “Signaling that the Pioneer Woman has arrived, Ms. Drummond is a magnet for parodies and criticism. Blogs with names like themarlborowoman delight in skewering her rose-colored view of life. Some doubt one woman really can do it all.
    Above quote From the Wall Street Journal article.

    Plus, the author said the ‘building’ is going to be a “deli-style restaurant”.
    Ya think the locals are going to eat there? Hmmmm, I somehow doubt it.
    And will sheeple drive all that way? Nah…
    I’m missing something here – the whole building thing seems like a money loser. Unless they can use it as their offices and write it off as a loss at the same time. now THAT sort of calculation wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

    • vera charles says:

      Curiosity got the best of me and I looked on her website. She posted some stuff back in April (I think) that showed what they were doing. It’s actually two buildings side by side and they are making them into one huge space. There will be offices upstairs and retail/deli space downstairs. She said the offices were for Ladd, Tim, their father and herself. What do you want to bet, the offices will actually become the new headquarters for the PW empire — all the bloggers and recipe testers and cookbook developers and whoever else works for her can work there instead of slogging out to The Lodge? She describes the downstairs part as not a restaurant, just a deli-like space, whatever that means. Vending machines filled with pre-made sandwiches and bags of chips? Who knows? No idea how many sheeple will make the long trip to eat at Ree’s “deli”, but the comments section was filled with people saying how they were already planning their trip, they just need to know when! Gag.

      • Susan says:

        I think I’m starting to see what’s going on here. I bet she has delusions of being the next Martha Stewart and running her little empire from that dopey building. Tax write offs galore!

        • The Marlboro Woman says:

          A huge write-off. Reminds me when she lied to her readers about the television studio she was building, instead told all the Reeple she was remodeling a guest house, one with a restaurant-grade kitchen. Yeah, right. Ree never makes a move unless it benefits Ree. I’m still incredulous how she’s handled the donations to the tornado victims.

          • Do you think anyone, even the sheeple know that she makes more money when they click on her site than she donates to the relief fund? And I doubt she’s paying for those mixers. Even is she was, it’s smart marketing because she can write it all off, even the money made by the clicks. I don’t think it would survive an extensive audit but then they know a good lawyer they can call.

            • The Marlboro Woman says:

              She says she buys the products she gives away. Sure she does, then she writes them off as a business expense.

          • Suz says:

            This isn’t her first rodeo. In 2011, when the Alabama tornados hit, she gave .25 per comment. Is this what you are referring to? I went back and checked — she had about 23,000 comments x.25. And, today, it’s only a dime? Her comments are way up in 2013.

      • anon. says:

        I wonder if she is going to have her own test-kitchen, ala Land O’Lakes? I know she toured theirs.

    • Denise says:

      You are correct on the loss write off on taxes. I know someone who bought a restaurant, ran it for about 2 years, then sold. He openly admitted to us that he was using it to lower his taxes. He’s a multimillionaire who needed a tax shelter.

    • The Captain's Wife says:

      “Some doubt one woman really can do it all.”

      Um, because she DOESN’T do it all. She just lies and wants us all to think that she does. That’s the bubble she doesn’t want bursting over the Reeples’ heads. That’s the entire point.

    • DOH! says:

      Pretty sure I saw on her Blog that she said the top floor will be office space for the ranch secretary/office. Also I saw later on her stupid Q & A thing that this secretary also does work for the pioneer woman blog as well.
      So yep it’s a tax write off. It will be interesting to see what crap they try to hock off in that store…

  15. vera charles says:

    OK, I just read the WSJ article and it mentions a “deli-style restaurant in nearby Pawhuska”. Is that the infamous building that she bought?

    And is it WSJ policy to only allow positive comments? There are only six and they are just as barf-worthy as the article itself.

  16. Chalk Board says:

    One time, she posted about a child dropping the new iPad (when it first came on the market,) and she had a photograph of the broken screen. I think it was her youngest boy, and he dropped it on a tile floor. Her whole response was “kids do the darndest things,” and she got another one. I wrote her about the irresponsibility of giving something that expensive to a small child something of that nature to “play” with, knowing very well it was made of glass and could break, and then letting him play with it over a tile floor. I also expressed how most of her readers couldn’t afford to buy one for themselves, let along replace one immediately (as she did) because of this little accident. My comment had to have been deleted in under five minutes. The Flying Monkey Minions she has on hire, no doubt. She also soon started giving iPads away as gifts. Folie de la boule.

    • Suz says:

      Yes, yes and yes! I thought the same thing at the time. I have a feeling there are a lot more of us than we realize. A lot more of us than are willing to speak up. I can only imagine how some of the foodies out there feel. But, no way are they able to say anything. It would be doomsday for them.

      • Can you imagine how quietly frustrated real food bloggers must be? They work their tail bones off adjusting and tweaking recipes just to have some, “look at me, look at me, I’m a rancher’s wife.” come in and cook everything with butter as if that’s always the secret ingredient. And by the way, other than the endorsement, if she really thought butter was so important, then why doesn’t she use clarified butter, like Kerrygold Irish, or would that prove, beyond a doubt, she’s way above the common man.

        • The Marlboro Woman says:

          I went to one of Deb Perelman’s (Smitten Kitchen) book signings last Fall. While waiting in line, I met some very interesting women. None were there to “pee their pants” or idolize Deb. Rather, most seemed to be serious cooks not so much interested in Deb’s celebrity status, but because her recipes are actually tested, re-tested and produce spectacular results.

          • Bridget McArthur says:

            I love that cookbook and I love her blog. Every recipe I’ve tried works!

  17. Sue says:

    OK-I am getting depressed over this whole crapola mess. Apparently we are in a huge minority over Ms Drummond. My opinion has not changed and I don’t see any reason why it would. I equate her popularity to the Kardashian syndrome. There are a whole lot of people in this world who are unhappy with their own lives and feel compelled to live vicariously through other people. It is really sad. My life is far from perfect but I would not waste my time projecting myself into someone else s life. I feel really sorry for people who can’t find the oomph to get off their butts and change their lives if they aren’t satisfied with them. Why live your life through someone else particularly someone who is just using your feelings to line their bank account? Ms Drummond is a phony, self serving individual who doesn’t deserve the respect that her “followers” give her.

    • Suz says:

      Oh, I would take the Kardashians any day over TPW. I may be wrong, but I don’t think the Kardashians have “aw shucked” their way into the hearts of their followers.

      • The Marlboro Woman says:

        And therein lies the rub. The Kardashians have never tried to hide their affluence. Ol’ Ree screwed up big time when she tried to deceive everyone.

      • Sue says:

        Probably not but all phony’s none the less. Just another example of how the crazy public can make a celebrity out of nothing.

  18. Kansas woman says:

    I’m am not very happy about her using her giveaways to get attention on how much money she is donating to the Moore Oklahoma tornado victims. It states that she will give a dime for every comment made on her giveaway. It makes it seem like if she only got 10 comments on her giveaways then she would only give $1.00! If she wants to help those poor people out, then help them, but don’t use it to promote your business. Then she came back and bragged about the amount that she gave! So ridiculous!!!

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      Most people quietly donate to causes shunning the spotlight. Not the Pioneer Woman, especially when she can use a human tragedy to increase site traffic and have some naive WSJ journalist write about it.

      • Suz says:

        What gets me, and has all this time, is they just don’t get it that this is her business, her work, her career. They (loyal followers) attribute her acts of kindness, etc., as sweetness and preciousness. It’s her freakin’ job, people.

        AND, when she gives a few thousand dollars per giveaway to charitable causes, that’s chump change for the Drummonds. Her followers just don’t want to get it. I guess. She lost me a long time ago.

    • poppy says:

      More disgusting? It is a tax write off for The Pioneer Woman, LLC. She is making money off the victims in Moore. BTW, why didn’t she do this for Joplin, MO? She is physically much closer to that area. I cannot understand why people think she’s such a wonderful human being.

      • The Marlboro Woman says:

        You are so right. She also writes-off those Vail vacations because she blogs while she’s there making it a “working” vacation. Why do people think she’s a “wonderful human being?” It’s how she’s been packaged by her publicists. Ellen Byron bought into it hook, line and sinker.

    • Kansas woman says:

      I sent her an email about this. We will see if I get a response. She is having a blender giveaway so the people of Moore will receive her blessing again. I am amazed that people think it is such an awesome idea!

      • The Marlboro Woman says:

        Don’t hold your breath waiting for a reply, but if you get one rolling eyes, by all means let us know.

        • Jan in CA says:

          I had to do a double take: only ten cents per entry received on the blender giveaway? With what they get not only for the cattle they raise and sell but also for the horses in their care? Surely Ree could be more generous than that…and if she was, I’m sure we’d hear about it. Unbelievable.

          • Kansas woman says:

            But if you look at her facebook post about the blender, she received comment after comment on what a good idea that was, and how great of her to do that, and so on

        • Kansas woman says:

          I sure will :)

    • Dee says:

      PW burns my hiney. Ten cents for each comment on a giveaway. Adults and children lost their lives and homes were destroyed. I grew up in Plaza Towers neighborhood and went to school there. My children and my grandson went to Plaza Towers. My grandson’s parents moved at the end of the school last year. I cried when my sister took me on a tour of Plaza Towers, Thank you all very much for the prayers and help.

    • Kansas woman says:

      She is telling her people that when they enter the giveaway for the blender that it is a way that she and her fans can do something together for Oklahoma tornado victims. Well, the fans only get a dime’s worth of tax write off, how much does she get?

  19. Sue M says:

    Who is the moron on twitter that suggested PBS could learn from the queen of dump and stir? Unbelievable.

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      I tweeted about it too. I couldn’t believe he said that. Like PBS is going to change its business model, and conform to Bob Tuschman’s vision of a cooking show.

  20. Marilyn says:

    Is the gingham top with ruffles (deviled egg shot) supposed to be the “pioneer” part?

  21. The Marlboro Woman says:

    The link to the WSJ article is working currently.

    • June g, says:

      Thank you:)

      • Jan in CA says:

        I noted in the WSJ article that a “deli-style restaurant” in nearby Pawhuska is “in the planning stages.” I wonder how many Reeples and Sheeples will make the trek in the middle of nowhere for food made from recipe rip-offs.

  22. Denise says:

    Ok, maybe I’m wishful thinking but it seems that Trisha Yearwood has become the new media darling. Over the weekend FN had a marathon of her shows, GMA had her on yesterday, and today she’s on Katie Couric who announced Trisha’s show has been nominated for an Emmy. Wish I could be a fly at The Lodge. I can only imagine the whining! “I was here first! Why nominate her when I invented Southern cooking and married a REAL cowboy! HONEY, do something ! Tighten your chaps, buy me a media network, something!”

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      I really like Trisha. She comes across as very genuine, what you see is what you get. Back when Ree was popping out 4 babies in 7 years, Trisha was recording CDs and performing. Not sitting around, watching reality shows and scheming how she could become the next Food Network star.

  23. amanda says:

    Kind of off topic here but when perusing re: the new cookbook, I found this book:

    What the Whole World Is Saying: 100 Sensational Statements about the Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels–A Love Story [Paperback]

    Here’s the description: In this book, we have hand-picked the most sophisticated, unanticipated, absorbing (if not at times crackpot!), original and musing book reviews of “The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels–a Love Story”. Don’t say we didn’t warn you: these reviews are known to shock with their unconventionality or intimacy. Some may be startled by their biting sincerity; others may be spellbound by their unbridled flights of fantasy. Don’t buy this book if: 1. You don’t have nerves of steel. 2. You expect to get pregnant in the next five minutes. 3. You’ve heard it all.

    MW, maybe you should interview the authors, Andrew Hook?

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      What’s sad is some idiot Reeple will actually buy it. This is open topic and as long as it pertains to Ree and her fake internet person, comment away.

    • Myreehurts says:

      How bizarre. It seems some people have made a business of consolidadating reviews of popular books and selling them in book form. Andrew Hook probably knows nothing about PW, and it probably took him about a day to formulate the book of her reviews.

      He has done the same with other books, and here is his description of one about the Tailban:

      Book Description
      Publication Date: February 7, 2013
      In this book, we have hand-picked the most sophisticated, unanticipated, absorbing (if not at times crackpot!), original and musing book reviews of “Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia, Second Edition”. Don’t say we didn’t warn you: these reviews are known to shock with their unconventionality or intimacy. Some may be startled by their biting sincerity; others may be spellbound by their unbridled flights of fantasy. Don’t buy this book if: 1. You don’t have nerves of steel. 2. You expect to get pregnant in the next five minutes. 3. You’ve heard it all.

  24. amanda says:

    Oh what has happened to the WSJ? I have no words to express my disappointment unless the Ree brand is about to offer stock and go public? How were you mentioned? Are you allowed to share?

  25. Sue says:

    Interesting video. They claim that the appeal to the fans is that her lifestyle does not emulate theirs in any way and they are interested to see something different. Also that cooking shows now are more about lifestyle than actual cooking. Hmmmm. Then how about calling it the Lifestyle Network? I am interested in serious cooks, not hacks and looneys like Sandra Lee, Ree Drummond and that female on Bitchin Kitchen. Where are the Sara Moultons, Maryann Esposito’s and Joanne Weir’s? Oh yeah, they’re on PBS who apparently know what cooking show means. Maybe the Kardashians should start cooking and they could control the air waves!!

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      That’s exactly what happened to A&E which used to air really great shows like Breakfast with the Arts. Now it’s reruns of MacGyver, Hoarders, Bounty Hunters, etc. A&E is less about art and all about mass appeal for maximum profit.

      • Grandma says:

        I agree about A&E. The same thing also happened to the Biography channel. I used to love watching that channel, but now everything is someone’s ghost story.

        I also agree about Trisha Yearwood. She has a warm personality that comes across on the TV and she seems so sincere; her laughter shows in her eyes. I just don’t see that kind of sincerity with Ree Drummond.

  26. Marilyn says:

    Those pictures aren’t all that good, are they? I’m no expert by far, but those are pretty bad.

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      I have had several emails about the WSJ pay wall preventing people from reading the article. Too bad, because they actually mentioned The Marlboro Woman in it. I posted the video of an interview with the naive author in the body of this post. Scroll up for it.

    • Sapeylissy says:

      I own my own photography business, and have worried so often about the few blurry, cropped off body parts, underexposed, etc pics I get. Did my heart to good to see someone touted as a “professional” photographer have more horrible shots than I do in a single session. He cropped off the top of her head!!! So many where she is out of focus (not that that is a bad thing, per say), the lighting is off, etc. *sigh* Yay…

      • Myreehurts says:

        In the shots where she is putting the pasta into the pot it looks like she has horns growing out the top of her head.

  27. AK says:

    I was so grateful for Ree’s latest tutorial on how to make…lemonade. I had tried and tried to somehow mix lemons, sugar and water but just could not figure it out. Of course I greatly admired her gorgeous urn and cunning mason jar glasses but that goes without saying. Now if she’d just do a picture-by-picture tutorial on how to make ice cubes.

  28. c says:

    This isn’t a PW comment but I so very much agree with your feelings on Tuchman. He and his pal, Suzie, are idiots!! Sorry if this doesn’t conform to the topic but had to get this off my chest.

  29. SouthsideGirl says:

    On the plus side, her hair isn’t nearly as orange as it generally appears. But good gravies, the woman needs bangs!

    • Suz says:

      Those pics are a few yeas old. She does look better with not-so-orange hair. And, yes, bangs, please.

  30. wineinmyglass says:

    I had to go and read the comments at
    GOMI, where Bevel reportedly accused GOMI of being an image thief.
    Very interesting. MW and Pie Near are mentioned.
    I think the sheeple are catching on to the Fake!