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Just when you thought Food Network hit rock bottom and couldn’t get any worse, it imploded again on Saturday.   Season three of the Pioneer Woman, featuring our favorite little ol’ plagiarist, rolled out a new episode with a retro menu straight from a time capsule. Two of the recipes Drummond prepared, chicken spaghetti and orange muffins, were lifted directly from Bartlesville Service League cookbooks.  The remaining dishes included a salad and for dessert, popsicles fashioned out of melted ice cream that had been refrozen with candy pieces.   Those recipes too are widely available on any number of websites.

Food Network’s promos for the show had Drummond breaking into her stand-up routine with “if this casserole is wrong, then I don’t want to be right” followed by Ree’s signature grin that would have made even Chucky proud.  Just last week, The Pioneer Woman tweeted something along the lines, if failing at joke telling was an Olympic sport, she’d be a gold medal winner.  Finally…something we can all agree on. Now if she could just shake her penchant for plagiarism.

In other news, for anyone curious about the Pioneer Woman’s July trip to NYC, the one Hyacinth accompanied her on when Ree flooded the Internet with her ubiquitous hotel photos raise your hand if you don’t have a clue what a hotel room looks like, we now know why the cagey Ree was there.  She shot this filler piece and this one for Land O’ Lakes to distribute to network affiliates across the country.  With phoniness reeking from her Pioneer Woman pores, bottom-line-Ree didn’t skip a beat.  She managed shout outs for Land O’Lakes along with close-ups of her cookbook, all part of a well-stocked kitchen, at least that’s what she’d have viewers believe.  Be forewarned, Ree wrote the script for this:

For someone with absolutely no financial concerns, you’d think the Pioneer Woman could spring for a make-up and wardrobe consultant or perhaps a voice coach.  I mean come on, what was up with that green toga thing she had on?  Wasn’t St. Patrick’s Day like four months ago?  Also, does Ree have some type of speech impediment that renders her incapable of enunciating the word “them” instead of saying ’em all the time?  How hard can it be to pronounce correctly a one-syllable word?  And for God sakes Pioneer Woman, if you can’t hold your hands still while shooting a take, sit on ‘em with your Land O’ Lakes butter ass.  I don’t know what’s worse, those incessant hand movements or her inept wise cracks.

And before we go,  we’d be remiss if we failed to mention the Tulsa World  and their hype for the local girl gone fake.  Good God, it must have been a slow news day for these people.

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124 Responses to The Pioneer Woman Casseroles Food Network

  1. Denise says:

    OK, maybe I’m reading too much into this and speculating, but does any else think PW’s show is regurgitating things? And there’s less of MM on the show? For instance, last Saturday she showed us how she waters her herbs. About two shows before that, she showed us how she waters her flowers. Last show she made a chopped salad (which wasn’t a recipe, just a bunch of chopped veggies with which she chopped with a chef’s knife in each hand bobbing her head and poured “herbed up” Ranch dressing over) for her daughter’s birthday party. About three shows ago, she made something for her daughter’s slumber party. MM seems to be “away” a lot. One show about two weeks ago, he and the boys returned and it was the most uncomfortable, cold welcome home I’ve seen. At one point, she said something and he glared at her as if to think “what the @#%^?” No kidding.

    Just wondering, does anyone else think something is wrong? Aside from her cooking.

    • Kendra says:

      @ Denise

      She seems to regurgitate a lot of stuff. If you look at her blog, you will see a lot of the same pictures used over and over and over.

      I have to say, I enjoyed last week’s episode with the chopped salad. The whole time I had visions in my head of Pie Near Woman’s parody of Ree’s chopped salad post. Hilarious!

      As far as something wrong, hard to say. If you’re familiar with Ree’s version of how she met Ladd and the so called fairy tale love affair that followed – the one they’re supposedly making into a movie (gag) – and then you see the way Ree and Ladd interact in person, it just seems like Ree’s version of their relationship is mostly fictional. Don’t forget, this is the same woman that claims to be a city girl turned accidental country girl. WTF?! Ree is from Oklahoma. Spending four years at school in Los Angeles does not make anyone a city girl. And I would bet there was nothing accidental about her meeting Ladd. His family is one of the biggest and wealthiest ranching families in Oklahoma. I don’t believe for one second Ree didn’t know who he was when she met him. Just about everything that comes out of that woman’s mouth is a lie or at least heavily embellished.

      No one in that family has ever seemed comfortable in front of the camera, so much so that it’s almost painful to watch any of them. They all seem a tad cold and distant, but I always figured it was because of the camera. There was an episode several weeks back (I forgot what it was about) where Ree shot Ladd the most annoyed and disgusted look, and then it was as if she remembered she was on camera and tried to cover by saying something witty. So who knows? Maybe there is trouble in paradise.

    • SandyK says:

      Agree about the show where MM and the boys returned, it seemed more fake than usual and very ‘scripted’…when they all came in, PW said ‘glad you’re back’ 3 times within a minute….weird…

  2. angie says:

    I just re-pinned a pie crust recipe to Pinterest that someone was so excited about because it was The Pioneer Woman’s recipe for pie crust that she got from her grandmother! OMG! I re-pinned it and said The pioneer woman never had and original thought, never gives credit for the recipes she steals, and that she probably stole it from MY grandmother. I am waiting to see how long it takes for the Pinterest team to get a complaint and take it down. People are so stupid and gullible. “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled” -Mark Twain

    • Beekay says:

      I just wanted everyone to know that I will be releasing my children’s Christmas book this week- Adventures of Charlene the Cricket. We are having a cricket invasion in Tulsa and what better
      creature to write about?. Especially since Charlie the dog was already taken

    • Beekay says:

      I just wanted everyone to know that I will be releasing my children’s Christmas book this week- Adventures of Charlene the Cricket. We are having a cricket invasion in Tulsa and what better
      creature to write about?. Especially since Charlie the dog was already taken

      • The Marlboro Woman says:

        Will it have recipes in it? And will you get to be on The Today Show and insult Al Roker?

  3. Florista says:

    Oh god, she’s giving away her sweaty laundry again – do people have no shame?

    • mollys says:

      and they are God awful ugly I can’t imagine any one even wanting one. Even under the influence of medicinal vodka those tops suck

      • Florista says:

        They ARE ugly!! Apparently money doesn’t buy good taste…but shamefully, it COULD buy her a personal stylist…! Idiot.

        • Jan says:

          After the comments about her giving away her laundry, I had to go look. You all are so right about them being pretty ugly. Too gaudy for me. Drummond should be ashamed of herself for branding the name pioneer woman. She’s an insult to all hard working farm/ranch women everywhere. I certainly don’t wear such stuff on or off the farm and I can’t imagine any farm wife I know that dresses like that to work on a farm.

  4. Jane says:

    As she lovingly looks into her hunk of a man’s eye, while they share a cheese moment, she asks what every woman who lives on a prairie asks “why is it so windy out here?” OMG, I was hanging on to my sides they were hurting from laughing so hard.

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      I removed the show from my TiVo season pass. Can’t take it anymore. It’s like Ree’s working on a high school drama project; she writes the script and then gets the family to participate as the various characters. Seems the only people with lines are Ladd and the youngest son. Guess the others politely bowed out. If you look closely, note how Ladd has tongue firmly implanted in cheek whenever he recites the script. Do you think they use cue cards too?

      • Kristina says:

        You aren’t leaving us, MW? That means the evildoers have won!

        • The Marlboro Woman says:

          Kristina, I haven’t posted anything about leaving. Cancelled my TiVo season pass, that’s all. If I am around when the show’s on, I’ll watch. Guess I have to, it’s part of my job.

          Don’t want to start rumors for the trolls. :)

          • Kristina says:

            Good point. In a previous life, I must have been a troll. That’s why I’m so irresistibly drawn to those who de-bunk in this life. : )

  5. Leave_her_alone says:

    I personally think she is great and her show is a highlight of my week. Please be nice and stop bashing her!

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      Then why are you here? And honey, if that abominable excuse for a television show is the highlight of your week, I pity you.

      • Sue M. says:

        Standing ovation.

      • Suz says:

        Dear leave-her-alone:

        Get a clue. And by the way, I believe most everyone here is nice. I’ve been reading this site since its inception. I can tell you without thinking twice…..we just really, really don’t like or endorse ree’s BS. I guess BS translates to marketing plan. Marketing plan translates to fooling the masses. And fooling the masses??? Money in the bank.

        • Beekay says:

          You are considered a hater if you point out the obvious in the world; hence I am a hater…..;(

          • brownna says:

            Oh. I can’t wait for her show. Please, oh please tell me how to make a bacon cheeseburger and french fries. Add me to the hater list. I hate stupidity.

            • jill says:

              Well Brownna, take a pound of hamburger, a pound of sausage, four sticks of butter cut into chunks, chunks of cheese (Velveeta if you can get your hands on some, a jar of cheez whiz can sub if that’s what makes your skirt fly up) and a chopped onion. Some one here (not me, I can’t cook) will post step by step photos of how to chop and onion. Mush it all together, roll into balls, deep fat fry. roll fried balls in bacon, refry.

              oh heck, just go to Sonic, it’s and Oklahoma company yanno.

    • meme says:

      How many dishes of hers have you tried? How many were epic failures? The chicken casserole had me turning away from the T.V. it looked so vile. Then I got curious. Thanks to Malboro Woman, whom I love more than my luggage, and her previous detective work….I looked at other Food Network “cooks” postings. Paula Deen has a similar chicken dish (chicken boudine) which included a can of creamed soup too. How many cookbooks of hers have you bought only to realize nothing is new, same regurgitated recipe from her web. How many of her contests have you entered, only to wonder why you didn’t win? Unless you are able to cross promote her on your blog, you don’t stand a chance.

  6. JRoss says:

    If you people don’t like her or her show or blog why don’t you just do something else. You would be much more productive. Just found this site by accident. It will not be an accident that I leave it forever. Do something worthwhile in this world with you time.

    • Kristina says:

      If anyone ever protests to a particularly egReegious post by our simple ranch wife, it puts out a scent in the air for hungry trolls. Why even post here, Shrek? Just go back under your bridge, drink some more kool-aid, and dream of unicorns, rainbows, and personalized Kitchen-Aid mixers. Life will be better for you there.

      Meanwhile, people will post their issues here about many problematic, distorted,sometime even-life threatening things Ree does for the sake of vanity or money or both. Because q.e.d.:Ree deletes any posts that pose intelligent questions she finds threatening.

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      Found this site by accident? You googled “pioneer lady blog” which yielded a number of results. Somebody holding a gun to your head telling you to click on our site? Doubt it, so why don’t you take your moral high ground and stuff it up your PW worshiping ass.

      • ANA says:

        …. but you claim this blog is not eprsonal….

        • The Marlboro Woman says:

          Must be a slow Labor Day weekend for trolls. What’s the matter honey, nothing better to do but troll anti-Pioneer Woman sites and leave moronic comments. Oh and one more thing, next time you leave some insipid remark, try spell check and lay off the meth.

        • Kristina says:

          MW does “claim” this blog isn’t “eprsonal” (sic). But MW and most of the posters here back it up with evidence. The claims are tested, and Ree-tested, in an open marketplace of opinion and expertise.

          This might sound like the “scientific method” to you– but perhaps they didn’t cover that in your home=school curricula.

          What does seem personal is the lack of any objective things in your post. Telling people to does some undefined “something worthwhile with yur (sic) time” doesn’t really point to any reality-based criticism.

          In fact, this site has pointed me to, among other things, the scandalous treatment of the Osage nation by thugs like the Drummonds. Creating more understanding of the often neglected Osage massacre and the Tulsa race riots seems quite worthwhile to me.

          And other have pointed out life-threatening food handling mistakes made by little Miss Ree.

          The stakes aren’t low here. Perhaps you might keep an open mind and check out this site, and PioneerWomanSux and PieNear Woman. Then you might actually have something on-topic and useful to say.

    • vera charles says:

      People who do like her show and blog are more than welcome to just stay there and quit questioning other people’s preferences. Nobody finds this site by accident. What is the point of posting that you are leaving forever? If you want to leave, then go. And speaking of doing something worthwhile with your time, defending Ree isn’t it.

    • Suz says:

      I am currently unemployed due to my husband’s job — we have to travel. Do you have suggestions on how I should spend my time? I would love to find a job that pays 1/54th of what Miss Ree brings in!

    • beekay says:

      do something else…hmmmm……nah….I think I’ll just sit around and eat bonbons and wait for Saturday morning and the PW show….

  7. D says:

    Another off-topic, but honestly, does Ree make up her “advice” questions? I seem to be the only person finding some of her answers insulting & fake in the whole “Dear PW” series. I know, she is promoting a faux-brand, but Dear Abby or Dear Suzy she is never gonna be. And, from what I have always been told, while a hostess should accommodate food allergies, she should also take dietary preferences into consideration when hostessing – a “silly little food preference” of being vegetarian & only serving meat is bad hostessing if not informing said vegetarian to eat up before the gathering OR you know someone doesn’t like $food and it is in everything you serve. Off soapbox …

    • vera charles says:

      I refuse to go to her website to see, but is she actually calling vegetarianism a silly little food preference? Who would host a party and serve only meat? What???

      • D says:

        The letter writer has a tomato allergy & asks if she should she tell the hostess about it. Ree’s answer was along the lines of “of course [tell her], you have a medical condition ‘not a silly little food preference’.”

        Well, a “silly little food preference” could be vegetarianism [taken to the extreme] or it could be refusing to eat mushrooms. If a host makes mushroom lasagna with mushroom soup and brushetta topped with mushrooms, that host is gonna have a lot of leftovers ’cause of a “silly little food preference” if the guest won’t eat mushrooms & no one thought to check/ask what was being served.

        And, yes, I’ve been to hosted dinners where every course but desert contained meat in some form [chunks, thinly sliced, or in broth-form]. Worst ever, though, was the all-seafood “big dinner” our company hosted for the outgoing president … no one checked with the guy to realize he was allergic to seafood.

        Maybe I’m in the minority, but I thought the job of the host was to find out what people liked to eat and accommodate that … not prepare what *I* want to make because *I* want to make it and the guest can starve.

  8. Kendra says:

    I know this is off topic, but I had to post about it.

    I commented today on Ree Drummond’s post yesterday (8/27) about her husband abusing horses. Technically she called it “Wild Horse Racing.” It’s the post where the horse, rightfully so, kicked Ladd in his worthless stomach.

    The picture Ree posted of the horse struggling while trying to be restrained by Ladd Drummond’s team of thugs in the name of some stupid game made me Google what wild horse racing is all about. What person with a heart could find it entertaining to watch losers (men?) trying to restrain petrified horses by roping and yanking and pulling on their heads in order to saddle and ride them? My comment (it WAS comment #383, time stamped 6:08pm) actually made it through and was up for at least a half hour before it was removed. I even took a screen print of it as proof that Ree only allows positive comments to remain.

    Until today, I never hated Ree. I found her blog disingenuous and her “cooking” show worthless, but she was always someone I sort of enjoyed watching in a train-wreck-sort-of-way. She was fun to laugh and point at. That is, until today. Anyone who can perpetuate being mean to animals in the name of entertainment is a piece of shit in my book. That also makes Ladd a piece of shit. Probably a bigger piece of shit than Ree because he’s the one taking part in being mean to the horses. Sadly, Ree’s children are also being raised that disrespecting and being mean to animals is okay. Hopefully as they get older they will see that what their parents call entertainment is actually animal abuse.

    Sorry about the rant. For all I know, maybe this wild horse racing thing isn’t as bad as it looks. But it broke my heart to see that picture Ree posted of the roped horse struggling against those men all in the name of entertainment.

    • jill says:

      agreed. thank you

    • amanda says:

      That is sickening. Horses deserve respect.

    • jill says:

      oh, and I was comment #415 on that post until it was scrubbed. no more clicks on that website for me.

      • Denise says:

        I hadn’t been to her site in months, but I just had to look at this. Being from Texas, I know rodeos are big, but I’ve never seen a wild horse round-up. But what I found interesting was that she didn’t put down her camera and her daughters were the ones who suggested they go check on Ladd. My next thought was that in probably 10 years, he’s going to be one disabled cowboy with shoulder, knee, hip and back problems. Hope they know a good orthopedic surgeon.

    • Kristina says:

      Just when I had almost thought it was safe to quit hating on Ree, you bring up one of the reasons I dislike blog so. It’s not just the fakey bad cooking, it’s not just the cheesy commercialism, it’s not just the exploitation of her kids, it’s not just the dungeon and dragons girls’ room makeover– it’s also the PETA worthy animal abuse.

      Brilliant call Kendra– thanks!

      • Kristina says:

        So I had to go and look. It is the most disingenuous, cold-hearted, disgusting thing that Ree has ever posted. And that says alot. omg.

    • vera charles says:

      That is really disgusting. You would think that, since the horses and the money that they bring in from the government are the Drummonds’ main source of income, they would put a little effort into treating them humanely. Too bad the Bureau of Land Management doesn’t pull the plug on these idiots and cut off their funding.

    • D says:

      I know someone who works with horses. She looked at the riding photos Ree posted a while ago & was horrified. She kept saying “just because you’re on a ranch doesn’t mean you know anything about caring about horses.” I think that’s the key phrase – caring about horses. Do they care about the horses as animals or as monetary gains? (These were pics of her kids riding & a horse ran away with a kid on the back or somethong – horse was scared out of its mind & looked it in her over-processed photos.)

    • beekay says:

      must have been taken off, don’t see it. guess the intern got to write a post for today…..

  9. HillJ says:

    Did you see her shits and giggles show this morning? The fake little ‘ol ranch woman was bathing her dogs and sweeping cow patties off the porch. That pertains to cooking how?

    • AK says:

      The dog washing looked better than her food. Frying “bruschetta” in scads of butter? The bread was soaked in butter, and that was before the quarter cup of olive oil over the tomatoes. It looked disgusting.

      I’m thoroughly sick of of her supposed demanding ranch routine too. Throwing some food down for animals isn’t exactly strenuous. For all her gushy routine, she doesn’t actually take very good care of her pets. She’s a lot of facade but remarkably little real effort and care for animals she claims to love so much.