The Pioneer Woman Screwges Pawhuska

Ten days after stealing the spotlight while dragging a Food Network film crew thru Pawhuska’s Holiday Parade of Lights, the faux Pioneer Woman deigns to mention the town on her blog. How well-timed for Ree Drummond now that Pacific UK Productions has edited the hecklers from their footage.

Posting one lone photo, no doubt the only one not containing images of torch-bearing locals chasing down a culinary Frankenstein, Ree waxes poetic about Pawhuska using a run-on sentence. Mercy laugh please…Ree thinks it’s funny.

Noticeably absent is any reference to the local grocers who in Ree’s estimation don’t rise to the level of Tulsa’s Whole Foods. On the one hand, Pioneer Woman embraces the charm of a small town Christmas. With the other, she forwards a check to her well-compensated publicists, guaranteeing she’ll spend the least amount of time possible in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.


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30 Responses to The Pioneer Woman Screwges Pawhuska

  1. Cath says:

    And does she deliberately suck in her cheeks to look like a Kewpie doll? Oh I realize I shouldn’t grouse about another woman’s appearance but there is something just so forced about this woman! Disingenuous. False. Now, I do happen to think that her husband and children come off as quite natural and pleasant, to be honest, but I hope she/he/they don’t regret the day when those kids ask WHY were we always part of our narcissist Mommy’s Pioneer fantasy world? It can really come to bite them in the butts one day. I don’t think children should be so exploited: whether they are child stars or props in a parent’s reality show.

    Now, all of this said, I think any of us would be hard-pressed to find any negative commentary on the internet about Ina Garten (and Paula Deen’s backlash is also uncalled for: she prepares dishes the way many people in the South SOMETIMES prepare them–it’s not like she eats high fat 24/7). If anyone messes with my Ina, I’d be all over them! But both of these women have paid their dues in restaurants or food establishments, even Rachael Ray, as much as I dislike her personality INTENSELY, has also paid her foodie dues (although not in the restaurant world, so much). And even the Italian girl with the famous father (Giada?) at least went to le Courdon Bleu (even if she clearly doesn’t eat). I wonder, honestly, what the Food Network peeps think of the Pioneer Woman’s presence there? If we start to see her on any of the Iron Chef or other shows, I’ll really blow a gasket.

    • poppycorn says:

      Your comments are on the money. I have not seen any PW shows. I do love Ina. Her recipes are terrific and she is so wonderful to watch. Rachael Ray always says she is a cook – not a chef. She worked in the industry but is always quick to say she is not trained. And she always says where she gets her recipes. I’ve tried Giada but have had no success with any of her recipes! Paula Deen has a great personality. The recipes can be over-the-top but I have had very good success, especially with her desserts.

  2. Lily says:

    you are one astute gal!! So true. So true. *sigh*

  3. Cath says:

    Is it me or did she cave in and get a stylist (and hair extensions) for the Christmas special? She looked much more attractive than in earlier airings of her first season: she was gray, blotchy and had bad hair. Also, she needs to lose two things: those peasant-style smocks and most of her hair. She has a high forehead and the long, thin hair does nothing for her. And as for butter, she makes Paula Deen look like she uses margarine. Those cinnamon rolls were awful, too: they didn’t rise (did anyone notice that?) and gee, have any rolls with your frosting? Good God, that must have been two cups of frosting poured on top of them! She has no delivery, no natural charm in front of a camera, and her cooking basically bites. I’d rather watch Marlboro Man at the grill, to be quite honest.

  4. A “culinary Frankenstein” indeed. The thing is, the original Frankenstein made only one abomination, and PW creates several per week in her luxurious kitchen. Is there a charity I can contact to ship a pitchfork to Pawhuska on my behalf?

  5. Charles (no relation) says:

    I have a question. Has anyone else that has had a show on FN, been like gReed and paid for it to be produced?

    • SSK says:

      I either didn’t know or have forgotten — do we know this to be a fact?

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      From what my research indicates, Food Network doesn’t entertain direct inquiries from individuals pitching show ideas. Rather, they have to be presented by established producers from the t.v. industry. Ree and Ladd partnered with Pacific UK Productions to pitch her vision of a cooking show. And that cost the Drummonds big time moo-lah. The best possible way to impact her bottom line is not to click on her blog. She invests the ad revenue in publicists and production companies in a shameless effort to buy her way into the food world.

      • SSK says:

        Would this then be true of Ina Garten and Nigella Lawson (the two other shows I know are produced by Pacific)? I’ve read that Pacific courted Ina, but I can’t imagine them seeking out PW!

  6. Sherri Medley says:

    Hi all. Like Vera, I too have been lurking and reading. And yes, in her early days, I read PW’s blog. However, it didn’t take long to figure out that a real woman can’t do all that she says she does. It didn’t dawn on me until a couple of years ago that she had to be paying someone for all that stuff. I just dropped her blog off my radar until I saw she wrote a book and got a FN show. Holy Schnikies….went back and tried a couple of her recipes and OMG, barf city. Dropped her off my radar again until about last summer, when she started appearing on all the shows. I went trolling and found you and PWSux….got really interested in what you guys were talking about and then WHAM…..everybody disappeared. Glad you’re back here. I guess PWSux has decided to not continue her blog because even registering with her site I still haven’t seen anything new lately. I appreciate all of you verifying what I really knew…..she’s too “good” to be true.

    • SabineRiverGal says:

      Yes, and now she has ANOTHER cookbook coming out in March !!!??? Isn’t ONE enough, already ???

      … but of course not, for the ReeBots !!!

  7. vera charles says:

    I have never posted here before, but I have been lurking and reading for a while. I would just like to thank all of you for performing the public service of shedding light on what’s really going on. Thank goodness I found this beacon of sanity in the madness of a PW-dominated world because I was afraid I was losing my mind. I seriously had no idea who this “pioneer” woman was, except that I saw a copy of her cookbook in a store and took a peek at it, only because I have relatives named Drummond (luckily, no relation to her). The cookbook was a joke, so I went on my way and didn’t give her another thought until she suddenly started appearing in every magazine and on every morning show and finally assaulted the Food Network. As I looked on in horror, I was alerted to the existence of her website, which confused me even more, then finally was pointed in the direction of Marlboro Woman, Pie Near and PW Sux. Bless you, because now I know the story behind the story and feel so much better.

    • Paula S. says:

      It’s always nice to find a new person who has the ability to read the verifiable information that is stored here and absorb it, instead of just insulting us. Welcome.

  8. make roux says:

    Okay, I’ve been away too long. Is there seriously going to be an xmas special? Have mercy. What will she make? A Christmas brunch featuring Egg Nog French Toast sandwiches with xmas sprinkles and extra bacon?

  9. NCme says:

    Nor have they been pimping her out on Rachel Ray or The Chew. Quite telling. Maybe they already were obligated for 12 episodes.

  10. I haven’t seen anything either. That is strange, especially since they have renewed her for 6 more shows. You’d think they would want to make their money back.

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought there were only going to be 4 more shows: the Xmas Special followed by 3 in January?

      • vera charles says:

        That is all they have listed on the Food Network website, which is notoriously bad about letting viewers know about what is really on. The only commercials that I have seen are the little pop-up ads in the corner of the screen during other shows. There don’t appear to be any actual commercials running for the show.

      • SSK says:

        I thought it was six in January. If you go to her page at FN, it shows the Christmas special and has show three starting 1/14. Right now there are only 2 for January.

  11. Sue M. says:

    Has anyone else noticed the complete LACK of promotion of this show by Food Network? Nothing on the web and I haven’t seen anything on TV. Conspicuous in its absence.

    • herefordlady says:

      I was watching a FN program this weekend (I can’t remember which one or which day – apparently it was that forgettable) and there was a graphic in the bottom right hand corner of the screen that advertised the special and the date/time it aired.

  12. Susan says:

    ok, who the heck would take pictures of their daughter going into surgery????? If my mom did that I would have freaked at her…it was all so staged Ree yet so obivious to the ones that um…are real!!!!

  13. Mary Beth says:

    I found the following in an email I subscribe to. Since it is about one of the real chefs that people on this site admire, I thought I would pass it along as a partial antidote to Christmas in Pawhuska.

    In his recommendation of Jacque Pepin’s cookbook, Essential Pepin, Christopher Kimball had the following to say. “Here is the thing about Jacques: His recipes work. He came up through the French restaurant apprenticeship culture, using his fingers to test whether grilled foods were done. He cooked for Charles de Gaulle. He supposedly turned down the White House chef job under Kennedy and ended up working for Howard Johnson. He is a pro, he handles a knife like nobody else, and his recipes span decades and styles but are always practical and well written. If you do not have any of his books (or if you know someone who doesn’t), this would be an excellent place to start. It is not a coffee table book, to be sure, but it gives the gift of Jacques, one of the great gifts France has bestowed upon this provincial nation.”

    That’s how you become a chef. You pay your dues.