The Pioneer Woman – Food Network’s Tainted Cash Cow

With the following announcement, Food Network abruptly shut down all Pioneer Woman Show comments on their FN Dish blogCommenting Disabled: Further commenting on this page [Pioneer Woman’s New Home on the Range] has been disabled by the blog admin.

Looks like Ree can add yet another notch to her cowgirl belt. Never in the history of the Food Network has one show, a month away from airing, generated as much controversy as Drummond’s upcoming Pioneer Woman Show. For a full week following Food Network’s press release, FN Dish was inundated with nearly 750 largely negative comments. Faced with formidable anti-PW sentiment, Bob Tuschman et al were forced to pull the plug mitigating adverse publicity for what they hoped would be their next cash cow.

What’s Food Network got to fear? Didn’t they thoroughly vet Drummond or like The New Yorker, did they simply ignore the writing on the wall? The Pioneer Woman isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and the very vocal anti-PW crowd made their feelings known in no uncertain terms.   Fifteen years ago when Food Network was first launched, well-known chefs and cooks hosted serious cooking productions.  Not anymore.  Sadly, Food Network has devolved into a dumbed-down version of its former self airing shows more for mass appeal and ratings rather than any serious culinary content.

For those unfamiliar with the drama, some background is in order. Following the aforementioned press release, a no holds barred war broke out between Ree’s chumps and people who refuse to be duped by her internet hoax.  Before Food Network moderators halted the debate,  the overall tone had grown contentious and nasty as PW fans began their all too familiar pastime attacking PW’s detractors calling them “jealous” “haters.”

Interesting.  If FN executives found this problematic, how will they react to the all but certain negative onslaught following their August 27th airing of the little ol’ ranch wife’s show? With episodes scheduled to feature Drummond’s complex, advanced recipes for egg in a hole, pot roast and cherry limeade, Food Network has set themselves up for further derision and ridicule.

Was Food Network really so desperate for talent they had to scrape the bottom of the barrel for Ree Drummond? Of course it’s conceivable Ree and her promoters sold a bill of goods to the Food Network. Whatever the case may be, it would seem FN equated PW’s blog traffic with all important television ratings.  Suffice it to say, some one quite possibly screwed up big time at FN banking the little ol’ ranch wife deceit could capture the cable television masses. Initially fans and gawkers will flock to the new show and Ree will pull down decent ratings.  After the newness wears off, people will grow tired of her 50 year-old greasy recipes and seek out other entertainment.   Let this be a cautionary tale for Sony Pictures who bought the rights to Drummond’s ill-conceived and poorly written Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.

For those who missed it, I’m posting highlights from the FN Dish debate courtesy of the Pioneer Whore’s (thank you MOV) more radical fans. From the tone of things, PW’s brainwashing has been very successful. Fair warning, grammar and spelling have not been corrected.  Note:  MW editorials in bold.

Brutal Againstness Much?

Ree treats everyone like a sister. She is kindhearted and funny and I for one am happy for her success. For the women who have registered domain names and websites for the purposes of hurting the Drummond family, shame on you. That you devote hours and hours and hours of your precious life trying to malign, destroy, accuse, humiliate, infest and create brutal againstness in this world, shame on you. Shame on you for delighting in the assaults. I’ve never seen such an onslaught of mean spirited bitterness. You demonize Ree for having help in homeschooling her children. You dig up anything you can about Ladd’s family heritage, you meet around the cauldron to make your ugly potions of animosity and mockery. Your hearts are full of malice, conflict and hostility. Rot.This is a little newsflash: You will be at the other end of the crimes you are committing. The karma is already yours, fullflower. You really can’t hide behind cyberspace names, because nothing is hidden.Ree has been nothing but kind and generous. She lives a Loved Life. A sunset here, a wild stallion there, the smile on a child’s face, a dog’s life on the ranch, a sister’s joy, a handsome husband. Her small town community. Her church. The rodeo. Cattle. And step by step recipes that are DEELISH!!!! I’m a redhead, too. When she finds something good, she shares it with the all of us. She doesn’t hold herself above or below anyone. If she “dolls up” her posts a little, so what. She sure doesn’t deserve the resentment from you circle of vultures.Man, her name was hitched to a star long before she knew it. There ain’t nothin’ to do but rejoice. Life is short – I’m glad my cyber-path crossed hers. But, I wish I had never met you green-eyed monsters. You guys cause nothing but ridicule, smelly rats, doubt, lamentation, suspicion and scorn. Wickedly funny, huh? Nope, just plain ‘ol . . . . wicked.

Don’t drink and comment:

Why do people have trouble liking a hard working lovable lady but they don’t have any probably with all the trashy housewives on reality television… Who are terrible influences on the community and their children… But they hate Ree? Who seems to be an incredibly loving mother and hard worker. If you don’t like her personality, fine. But some of these comments seem incredibly childish. Just my two cents.

Can’t wait for her show!

Forget hate and jealousy, let’s play the waterboard card:

Ree Ignore the ignorant and have nothing better to do than put people down. On a happier note: CONGRATULATIONS!!! I will definately be watching.

I can’t believe all the ‘hate’ mail for Ree. She’s a real person living a real American life. While I enjoy watching Iron Chef and Chopped…it’s not the way real people live and cook for survive the day. If you don’t like Ree’s show…don’t watch it…but no need for such ‘hate’ posts. And we wonder why countries go to war??

Yes, PW SUX is obsessed with destroying Ree and the Drummond Family. PWSUX isn’t about enlightening society —-she’s fixated on Ree and only seeks to cyber-bully, stalk and disparage Ree’s children, husband, and inlaws. PW SUX and fellow blog-brutes work like a plague. The purpose of those blogs is to HAUNT Ree day after day after day after day after day after day. It’s a form of waterboarding —— the sensation of drowning. Sensational, isn’t it?

Time for the “Sorry, I have to clean out my sock drawer” excuse:

I’d like to see Pie Near Woman, The Marlboro Woman and The Pioneer Woman Sux attend the upcoming 2011 BlogHer Conference this August. Yeah, stand at the podium and tell thousands of women from around the world about their Blog Ethics.

There are still a few tickets left for BlogHer ’11 in San Diego! C’mon you guys —- 3,000 bloggers and days of fun, you won’t want to miss it! See you there.

 Visions of Frankenstein’s angry torch bearing mobs:

Both PWSux and Marlboro Woman are anonymous blogs. While both they and their readers like to call Ree out for not being real, neither one of them are brave enough to show their faces nor use their real names. I’ve often wondered why that doesn’t bother their readers. At least Pie Near Woman doesn’t hide behind that same anonymity. While some of the comments here have been cut and pasted to PWS, I seriously doubt that this one will be.

Just think, we can always scream “statutory rape”:

We’ve been fans of Ree for years now at our house. Love her quirky style and personality. My teen-aged daughter loves trying her recipe and her real life romance!

Censorship should be the norm:

There is nothing UGLIER than HATEFUL PEOPLE!! GET A LIFE HATERS!!!! To insult her children you should be ashamed of your PATHETIC SELF!! Thank God she filters the bad comments. The last thing I want to hear is miserable people complain. Can’t wait to see the show! I have nothing but love for Ree & her recipes.

Quick, someone call the FBI:

Did you know that the woman/man who writes Pioneerwomansux blogged that she was a few feet away from Ree’s children at the local market? If I were Ree, I’d call the FBI or the police. It’s easy to track down the owner of that blog by the ISP. The author of that blog and her minions are obsessed and mentally ill. And dangerous. They are practically orgasmic in their sick game of bullying. It’s a feeding frenzy over there. Once I happened over there by mistake from a link . . and it felt like my cellular structure was collapsing from reading the accusations and hatred. That site is a sinkhole, spiritually – an abyss. Women, don’t get caught in the undertow of hateful, jaded, violent, bully blogs.

No one is blindly following Ree. Who cares if she tweaks the sky in Photoshop. Her kids are healthy, her ranch is beautiful, and her Pico de Gallo salsa recipe ROCKS!!!!!

Everything’s sunshine and rainbows:

Ree, I love your spirit! Thank you for sharing the day-to-day celebrations of a beautiful family life, hard work on the ranch, glee with pals and gratitude for each day. Your children are darling and all of the little moments that you have shared have inspired me to live more fully aware if each precious moment. I especially appreciated all of your photography tutorials and I saved them in a binder until I could afford my first Nikon D90. My husband and I just purchased 10 acres and are starting a farm in the PNW hills of Oregon and I thought I might jump into the blog pool and hook up with other gal-bloggers by sharing my story, too. Oh, and your recipe for Pico de Gallo / Salsa Fresca rules!!! Never mind the negative comments here. Trust God to ferry you through the stadium of stone-throwers. Keep a good heart, let not your heart be troubled. You are blessed!!!!!! Me and my sis can’t wait for your show!!!! Cheers. I wish Gluten Free Girl and the Chef would have a show, too! And Soule Mama. And . . .These Days In French Life! (There are SO many great blogs.) Cheers to the blogging community and the wonderful women who share their lives with the whole wide world.

HarperCollins’ thanks are in the mail:

My god people………….you would think with all that’s happening on this planet currently you would have much better things to do with your valuable time than insult Ree Drummond, what she cooks and her new show on Food Network. It’s because of what’s happening in the world right now that I, for one, find Ree Drummond, what she’s preparing for supper and anything she has to say a wonderful respite from all I deal with on a daily basis. And guess what? her recipes are easy and delicious! My husband and children say “delish and thank you mum!” after devouring her Grilled Corn Guacamole or Chicken Fried Steak and heavenly gravy OR French toast with berry butter! Thank you Ree Drummond, this family is infinitely more happy having bought your wonderful cookbook.

Do I get to be on Nancy Grace?

I agree, Fiofamily! Good post. I think Ree is a breath of fresh air in this world. I’ll be watching her show and so will all my pals. Ree, never mind people who disparage your expression and enlightenment. You are generous and genuine. I’ve seen a few of those other websites _ _ _ _ _ _ _my first thought was _ _ _ _ _ “what miserable people.” Hey, Dr Drew, 60 minutes, Nancy Grace, 48 hours ——- why don’t you do a story about cyber-bullying and do a story on PWSUX, MW and Pie Near. Of course they would have to wear masks and disguise their voices because if you brought WHAT THEY DO / WHAT THEY WRITE to the light of day . . . they’d be terribly ashamed of their ruthless, grim and unrelenting pursuits —and what is embedded on their computer searches. Grown women – Judge and Jury. I’d rather hang out with joyful, cheerful, sunny Ree than 3 old bitter ferocious cutthroats and their league of “beasties.” Ree is a good person. She doesn’t deserve you 3 old bats nipping at her heals, hurting her children and spoiling all the ways we can praise the day.

Put the blinding spotlight on your own life. Scrutinize THAT!

Keep the faith, Ree. Shine on.

Do they still manufacture black and white television sets?:

Wow didnt your mothers teach you that if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all. But obviously not because some of you folks have no manners ethier just RUDENESS. If you dont like the womens cooking so be it, no need to come on the PC and bash her.

Congrats Ree, cant wait to watch you in living color!

Ree’s a philanthropist.  Who knew?:

You’re bashing. Sure, she was born into privilege. And that’s all her fault? While many (such as Sarah), would act entitled and sit around counting their cash, she has chosen to use her gifts, resources, and time for a better purpose – a labor of love. I have several friends who have personally met her, and found her to be kind and gracious and humble.

But even if she was a total snotty rich woman, it’s still no reason for personal attacks. Some things are better left unsaid. If you don’t like the number of calories in her food, use a little portion control. Better a pat of butter than a box of processed fat free cookies.

Come again:

You are sad. So if the single parent out there with multiple kids don’t want to watch her talk about the lodge then THEY DON’T HAVE TO!. And you don’t have to give credit to anyone you don’t want to. Ree’s a human being just like you with feelings and I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to handle someone “disagreeing” with you on several nasty blogs the way you all disagree with her. She’s handled with grace.

 Leave poor Ree alone. She’s just trying to make a living telling lies:

WHY,WHY,WHY? You people are so full of jealosy & hatred. You can’t stand it that someone has been able to

market themselves into success. Shame on you, and may God forgive you for your for trying to destroy another human being, just trying to make a living. It seems to me that Ree has more integrity than you all. At least she is minding her on life & not ruining someone elses.

Who let the loonies out?

Well maybe it isn’t a crime but I feel PW Sux did engage in some rather stalkerish behavior toward Ree. First she went out of her way to drive by the ranch and take pictures. Then visited the local cafe and asked questions about Ree. Then it was on to the local grocery where they watched Ree and her children. Last they went to the mall and asked more questions. It certainly wasn’t criminal but considering all the animosity that is written by and on the PWSux site one would think it should make the Drummonds nervous. The PWSux site has posted some very mean and unkind things about Ree’s children and that would be the one thing that should set off the whacko-detector.

Couldn’t the cashier think for herself?

What I think is funny is that the detractors make all this conjecture anout Ree (you know, someone’s uncle’s cousin’s sisters boyfiends daughter said Ree is this or that so it’s gospel), but when PWSux is stalking her, because that’s what it was, oh boy, no she wasn’t stalking and I can prove by reading the crazy posts on her Website by her wacko fans. I haven’t heard of any of her wacko fans stalking her the way PWSux did. And isn’t it an amazing coincidence that PWSux just “happened” to be in the local grocery store when Ree was filming there? And you know, people like to gossip, especially when they’re jealous. So asking the cashier what she thinks of Ree was almost encouraging her to say something denigrating.

Borrowing from PWSux, someone had to do it:

Don’t go near these blogs, they’re nasty and can you believe it, exist soley to prove that Ree is a liar and makes bad food. These folks are horrible to say the least. In fact, Google Adsense putled the advertising from one site due it’s hate filled content. The saddest part of all is that these are talented bloggers that I would love to read if they were blogging about something that matters. Seriously, with everything that’s going on in the world today, the best you can do is to debunk the Ree Drummond brand? Wow, that is an important job.

La, la, la, la, la, la…oh excuse me, did you say something?:

It would be much more responsible if PWS would quit inciting people to hatred and rudeness. Honestly who cares if it’s all fantasy? And why spend any time on it? Ree has a fun website and some of us like it.

This from someone calling themselves “Bunlady”:

if you want to trash someone be brave enough to at least include your name. And if you don’t like her don’t watch her. A lot of the FN stars I don’t like so that is when I change the channel but I still come back to see my favorites. grow UP!!!

We’ll keep you in our thoughts and prayers:

I kind of lost interest in the PW’s blog awhile ago, but I am shocked that there’s this whole anti-PW culture out there. Venemous, catty blogs devoted to tearing her and her family down. Greatly saddened by this.

I have a bridge for sale:

Good luck to Ree and the show! It will be refreshing to see a “real” woman / wife / mother in the kitchen. Her blog is entertaining because it is real life.

Congrats!! Can’t wait to watch!

Her staff interns have great style:

I’m so looking forward to Ree’s show! What’s with the hateful comments?! Goodness, just don’t watch the show if you’re not interested or dislike PW. I’ve been reading her blog for almost a year and really enjoy her style of writing (she usually has me laughing out loud), her photography, and her recipes. Congrats Ree! I wish you the best.

Some people are beyond help:

Glad to see the Pioneer Woman coming to TV. Coming from a Los Angeles housewife, I am intrigued by her cooking. Her menus are simple, easy to gather ingredients, deliciously different, and inspiring. I am a long-time lover of cooking and will enjoy a new show of FN. —-and for all you negative commentors, you are pathetic and your negative comments is a window into your sorry soul. It must be horrible to be able to conjure up such negative energy over a nice lady who likes to cook. Give it up and get a life.

Who the hell is Dee?

Wow – it would be fun to see some farm/rand life on TV. I think Dee could have a new cookbook by interviewing other ranch women – who are often great cooks and very friendly.

Desperately dialing my psychiatrist:

I just read a few comments here, but such vile and anger from people about one woman. As a grandmother, it is very disturbing. If Ms. Drummond is not your cup of tea, then don’t watch her show or read her blog. Get a life, find a hobby that does not involve a computer, or do volunteer work. Better yet, seek counseling for your issues. You all need to redirect your energies into more positive and healthy outlets.

I wouldn’t bet on it:

I love Ree and her Blog! It is sad to see so many mean-spirited jealous people out there. She’s going to be a huge success on Food Network. Can’t wait to watch.

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100 Responses to The Pioneer Woman – Food Network’s Tainted Cash Cow

  1. Damien says:

    You know what, I am glad there are people like you out there Marlborowoman, the ones that cut through the utter bullshit of people like the Pioneer Faux. Despite that, being some one who is minoring in History I find it rather insulting she is using the Pioneer name. Pioneers are people or people who struggle to survive, who work hard…they donot have stuck up husbands or servants to cater to them. They work their asses off, and its apparent that Pioneer Faux does not do that. Anyhow, saw the comments and commend those that see through her fakery. Keep up the good work. Though I saw her on one commercial, I knew she was fake, I am not simple minded or idiotic as her fans. They are nothing but lemmings trapped in human bodies.

  2. J-anonymous says:

    And by the way… I am a speaker at the International Food Blogger Conference in August and there is a panel on ethics in blogging…. just sayin’.

    • Paula S. says:

      Oh, my! Maybe you can bring back some interesting things for this MW to post.

      • J-anonymous says:

        I am debating (with one of those leading the presentation) what and how to bring this whole sham and ultra-branding quack thing up in a kindly way so I don’t end up just shooting myself in the foot.

  3. J-anonymous says:

    I did scroll through and read all the comments – the pro and the con – over on this FN thread and what jumped out at me most was that every single one of those commenters who support and LOVE PW sound like those women who support Sarah Palin! Ugh! And yeah it is stunning that their own prejudices (single mom with 3 kids? WTF) ooze out from the violent rhetoric while almost every comment against PW was polite and simply trying to be informative. What I loved was after the comment (you have it posted here too) about Ree being a hard-working ranch wife a REAL ranch wife replied by explaining what REAL ranch wives do, must do and have time to do and what Faux ranch wifes do and don’t do…. and everytime someone mentioned how she always seemed to put her kids in danger and all Ree did was stand back and take pics of it…. well you woulda thought that someone had planted a bomb under the ranch! Well, if all those lemmings, all those followers of hers who obviously know nothing about healthy cooking and eating or who cook with packaged, boxed and canned crap not to mention so much butter and cream that it makes me ill just looking at it, all those gullible enough or stupid enough to be sucked into the fairytale want to watch the show and FN is happy with this slice of the tv-watching audience for their channel, well, so be it. I, for one, am still waiting for the boat to sink.

  4. makeroux says:

    Holy butteryburntbread! The FN PR Machine has been busy!

    BTW, I bought the latest issue of Everyday Food and was mortified when I got home and found a profile on PDub in there. First dish she talks about in the article is her breakfast burrito “packed with Tater Tots”. Groan.

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      Damn, I haven’t seen that issue and I have a subsription to it. What’s the date of it? The latest one I have is July/August and I didn’t see that in it. Cannot believe Martha Stewart of all people bought into this. Goes to show, Ladd’s money talks. And who knows that better than Martha Stewart and Ree.

      • makeroux says:

        Ah, it’s a Special Issue labeled “Display until 8/29/11”. It’s the one with the colorful, whole-fruit (kiwi, strawb, blueberry, mango) popsicle on the front. Let me know if you want more details.

        The article on the page after the PDub profile features John Besh, my favorite chef. Talk about an infuriating juxtaposition.

  5. mamaleina says:

    p.s. “Againstness” is my new favorite word.

  6. mamaleina says:

    All I can say is keep blogging. Everyone. Ree and FN can censor their own sites, but they can’t control the internet. People WILL find the truth, and they will be Googling her much more once the show goes on air. I wrote a post about a scammy website a while back, and they contacted me begging me to change it or take it down because it ranks so highly on Google and is hurting their business.

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      Never under estimate the power of the Internet. It made Ree Drummond what she is but it can turn on her at any moment. That’s why FN Dish put the brakes on its comments. Never in the history of their site has that happened. It’s even more amazing how many of her fans had never heard of Pie Near Woman, The Pioneer Woman Sux or this site.

  7. ameliaJake says:

    Way back in ’08 (this century, not the last), I linked to a magazine( Working Ranch) that had an article about the Drummond Ranch. Yesterday, I became aware the link was no longer working, so I decided to see if there was another avenue. There was; I changed the original link. Within a couple of hours, there was a comment on this post from three years ago that hasn’t seen a computer screen for many, many moons. The commenter said it was sad I was so jealous and that I tried to write like Ree but she was “one of a kind”. I was tempted to reply “Thank Heavens” but just sighed.

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      Thanks for dropping by. I have read your site on several occasions. As for the comment that appeared on a 3 year old post, it’s called damage control. After the FN debacle, Ree and her minions are monitoring the web 24/7 to counter any and all negative comments. The Pioneer Woman brand must survive at all costs.

      • Paula S. says:

        If they’re trying to find every negative post on the web, they have real job security, and that’s a rarity these days. What a way to make a living.

  8. annmarie says:

    I hate to say it guys and girls, but this show is going to be a success. Do I want it to be? Hell NO! But that is the reality. Her fans are rabid. I think it’s just easier for me to face the facts now than be crushed when it actually stays on the air for a full season. She has a lot of power and money and influence. She is like the popular mean girl at school. Everyone kows she’s an asshole but people are afraid of her. She has money and in this country people really do worship that. It matters more than just about anything else. Rich people can do whatever they want and lots of middel to lower class people hope they will be rich someday, too, so they support these kinds of people. It makes no sense to me, but it is the reality.

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      What’s the saying… money talks and bull shit walks. In Ree’s case, the Drummond mega millions make it possible for her bull shit to talk big dollars for Food Network. This was a win-win situation for both parties. She’s already working on her second cookbook which you know will have the Food Network endorsement stamped on the cover. Truth be told though, Food Network sold its soul to the ratings devil long before the Pioneer Whore showed up.

      • annmarie says:

        I was sick when I saw she was writing a second cookbook. Also, I was sick when I saw how many typos my last comment had. Egads! Too much Florida sun today. I hate when people don’t proof read their comments.

  9. Amanda says:

    As I went through all the comments you posted from the FN site, one thing struck me and that is that the people who are so pro-Ree and her show are spending an awful lot of time on PWS’ site. They knew all about her trip, where she went, every last detail so they must be reading her blog. They knew about Adsense being pulled and other stuff. If it truly doesn’t matter, if the things that are being written are a downer written by a bunch of cauldron gathering overweight barren, stupid, jealous, old women (gee, can I think of any other derogatory adjectives) who are total losers then why are they bothering to hang on every post? Don’t understand it. If I don’t like something, I never read it or even think about it. I see the show is set for Saturday mornings. Does that mean anything? Expecting a big audience from working women? Husbands? Kids? Just wondering why the network chose that time.

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      It must be prime time for cooking shows. Admittedly, I spend Sat. mornings watching and getting ideas for weekend meals. I focus predominantly on PBS’ cooking shows, but I always DVR Laura Calder’s French Food at Home and Barefoot Contessa. Bobby Flay’s new Brunch show is worth a look too, although I lost respect for him when he defended the faux Pioneer Woman in The New Yorker.

      • bk says:

        The unfortunate Mr Tushman/ Tuchmann whatever is going to kick himself the first time he actually tries some of her dishes.Before putting anyone on FN there ought to be the simple question of “what are the credentials of this “cook?” and would he/she survive to the end of “Making of a FN Star?” My guess is she wouldn’t have even been chosen as a participant; let alone make it very far in the competition.
        Personally, I don’t have cable, but when I get a chance my FN shows of choice have veered towards the Barefoot Contessa and Tyler Florence (?)……Paula Deens screech just doesn’t do it for me…….Can you imagine Ree competing in Iron Chef? hahahahahah

        • The Marlboro Woman says:

          Bob Tuschman doesn’t care if her food tastes like crap. His focus is on ratings and keeping the Food Network shareholders happy. Ree along with her production company pitched her pioneer woman shtick to them highlighting her blog traffic and cookbook sales. He and Bobby Flay bought into it hook, line and sinker.

  10. Erin says:

    Man…”Better a pat of butter than a box of processed fat free cookies.”

    Now I feel bad. I just ate my 4th Snackwell’s cookie.

  11. wineinmyglass says:


    Santa Claus isn’t real and neither is The Pioneer Woman.
    Wake up.!!!! Are you mad because you believed in the Fake Ree?
    Are you mad because you haven’t won a mixer, stinky blouse or stood in line for a book that
    you can read for free on the internet?

  12. Me (CCE)….Take the money bitch but the ending is going to be different. No glory for you!

  13. MW –

    Me (CCE)….”You complete me…….”


  14. angela says:

    i wonder if these people are so adamant and passionate in defense of their chosen politicians. you know, people who take even greater levels of criticism and actually do real work that affects the entire country. i’m just blown away by how vehemently (ree would say “violently”) they defend HER of all people.

    i won’t be watching her show and i refuse to look at her blog any longer. but this blog? i come here for a dose of humor, truth and common sense in a sea of the unenlightened. keep it up! let me know if i can help stir the cauldron 😉

  15. wow, I went back and looked at the FN, they’ve completely removed the entire comment section as far as I can see. Whatever to happened to making a decision and then standing by it come hell or high water. Cowboy up man, cowboy up.

    • SSK says:

      I just looked and the comments are still there.

      • The Marlboro Woman says:

        The comments are still up on Food Network.

        • Kait says:

          My plan today was to check out some of the FN comments. However, my eyes started flaming when I read your new post and I have decided it might be in my best interest to stay away. My brain could become mush trying to decipher any more of that dreck. I think would prefer to read Sanskrit.

          • The Marlboro Woman says:

            The anti-PW comments are well worth the read if to show nothing more than how utterly clueless the sheeple are.

  16. I went back and forth with everything’s sunshine and rainbows. she’s just a little this side of a bag of peanuts. She seemed to think my problem was I was dealing with my own guilt and regrets and that any time you have anger towards someone else, (which I’m angry at the lying – I’m pretty sure I would know if I lied) than you’re really only dealing with your own regret at bad behaviour. So I posed the question of being angry about the starvation in Somalia and how I supposed that meant that I was really angry at not eating my peas when my mom told me to. I’m telling you, these people are like born again christians (no offense intended) and I used to be one – you can read a little bit about it on my blog, too long for her – you can’t change their minds because their belief systems aren’t based on reality. They have to figure it out for themselves. So MW just keep doing what you’re doing and when people are ready they’ll search you out. The truth can’t be hidden for long if the light is kept on.

  17. HollyJay says:

    Bravo MW, bravo :)

    My thanks for picking the best (or is it worst?) of the comments from the sheeple.

    On a side note, does anyone know if something’s wrong at PWS? I can’t get the page to load.

    • Paula S. says:

      I just came from there; it seemed normal.

      • Kait says:

        No troubles for me either…oh wait! When I was trying to post a comment over there today, it was having issues; it got stuck. But that is all.

  18. Véronique the Blogreadinghausfrau says:

    MW, I admit to check 10.000 times on a website when I post a comment….I am just human I guess.
    I almost turned into a PW fan on a saturday afternoon, after seeing a post on another blog about ‘her’ cinnamon rolls. (we are once in a while craving american sugary/fat food over here..)
    I called my husband to tell him what a great site this was, and it took him only five minutes to figure out that this was all fake. I am still upset that I didn’t figure it out by myself. Then I googled and found all of you, and since then I’m in trouble because I spend way to much time reading and laughing at what you all write.

  19. Hellen Wheels says:

    MW, your editorial comments are hilarious. But I have to say, seeing ALL those fan-gurl posts listed one after another made my head spin. That is just one big gigantic pile of crazypants there.

  20. poppy says:

    With friends like that, who needs enemies? It’s almost enough too make me feel sorry for her. But not quite.

  21. Char says:

    Those poor supporters just brought so much more attention to your blog! No one ever said they were smart though.

  22. The Marlboro Woman says:

    Shirley really likes it here. Since she posted her sweet little comment at 10:06 p.m. she’s been back 30 times. She’s also been trolling PWSux’s blog.

  23. MOV says:

    Hello, my name is MOV and I yell at my kids, serve cold macaroni and cheese for lunch, weigh 15 pounds more than I’d like to, haven’t read a novel in over a year, and sometimes use the TV as a babysitter. How’s that for “Keepin’ it real”?

    The “problem” with Pioneer Whore is that she PORTRAYS herself as a one-woman magic show, yet the puppeteers are right there behind the curtain with her, engineering every move for money, fame, and personal gain. I dare say she is the “Wizard.”

    I write a (not for profit) humor blog while my sons are in school, and it is all I can do to whip together a respectable two-page essay–that will (hopefully) garner a few laughs or smiles of recoginiton– in a two or three hour time frame, and yet Pioneer Whore somehow is super-humanly able to produce four blog posts daily, a dozen magazine-worthy photos, homeschool her FOUR children, run a ranch, and keep her hair a brighter shade of crimson with nary a gray root in sight? Does she not need eight hours of sleep at night?



    The point is: She needs to call herself something realistic, something like “Pioneer Team”. Stop taking credit for everyone else’s work, stop acting like you do it all, stop plagiarising other cooks’ recipes.

    Marlboro Woman, Pioneer Woman Sux, and Pie Near Woman are the “whistle blowers” in Blogland, they are trying to show Ree’s zombie followers that they have been fooled, like when you are a child and you bite into a fake apple and find out it is made of


    I just hate being lied to. If that makes me a hater, so be it.


    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      Welcome MOV. Although I prefer Pioneer Whore, Pioneer Team comes in a close second.

    • Véronique says:

      Good job MOV! Bravo, Bravo.
      To all whistle blowers, keep up the good work and thank you.

  24. Don't call me Shirley says:

    You crazy clowns! You all bash other humans on a daily basis and then complain about foul language? I actually never speak like that I literally was giving a dose of the self prescribed medicine to see if MW was as tough as she seems to be and YOU ALL JUMPED on THIS crazy train! Ha! YOU missed my point! I like these blogs..never said I didn’t, I was simply curious as to why? So what if she is a big ol fake? How can SHE make other women feel insecure? My entire point was that eventually it’s all the same…people are people and they defend what they believe in….just like all of you have defended MW! Good for you! Mazel! MW ‘s writing is very good by the way..ok I nee9d to go get this butter out of my ear….

    • Hellen Wheels says:

      Hey, Shirley, I thought you were shoving off? Well don’t look now, but your pants are on fire.

    • LauraIng says:

      Welcome aboard your so called crazy train and yes, you are still talking in circles.

  25. Don't call me Shirley says:

    I am not a huge Ree follower, appear to be more obsessed with her than any of her fans. What difference could it possibly make to your life if she serves shit on a shingle on a fancy plate? Who the hell gives a shit? You comment constantly on the fat content of her food…are you a healthy eater? We have no idea what you look like…you could be a 400 lb lard ass for all we know! Why do you comment on her kids? Is your womb barren? You and the other two in your gang are the mean ass bitches that talked shit nonstop in high school but then when confronted said “who me?”. Stop riding PW coattails and get a life! And eat some fuckin butter!

    • As someone with no uterus, my “womb” is most certainly barren. Kindly shove off.

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      O.K. let me get this straight: You don’t follow PW, but you follow the sites that call her out . And you hate these sites. But you follow them. Right? So far so good? OK. Then what difference could it possibly make to YOUR life if I blog about a lying, narcissistic, fake pioneer woman who profits by duping people? Why the hell do you give a shit?

      • EJS says:

        I *heart* you!

      • Don't call me Shirley says:

        Ha! Classic……you can dish it but can’t take it! LOL….I read many blogs and was so impressed by your writing and thought it was such a shame to debunk someone who you clearly are obsessed with…no harm meant..just trying to prove a point that you and your fans are just as touchy as Ree’s! Same, same,same! Your comment policy actually says no bullying…do you mean by anyone but you? Lol…shoving off now :)

        • Hellen Wheels says:

          Shirley, Shirley, Shirley. Yes, dear, do shove it.

        • JennNY says:

          Don’t call me the Pot, Kettle.. Oh I mean Don’t call me Shirley….
          Yup, everything you said is Thank you so much for stopping by, don’t let the door hit ya in the ass when you finally “shove off”!

    • EJS says:

      You totally missed the point….Ree Drummond is a fraud -she pulled the wool over the eyes of her Sheeple pretending to represent something she is not. Also, heavy moderation of PW’s blog keeps it all sunshine and unicorns…just try to leave a comment such as the one you left on this site…and it won’t be published on PW’s site. She built her brand by not keeping it real but yet her tag line states she does….she has made many many woman feel terrible that they just couldn’t do it all and yet she could – oh that’s right Ree just left out the fact that she has hired help…Duh….I think you should get the point I am trying to make. I started reading Ree’s blog back in 2008 and I know it well – at first I was a loyal follower until I figured out I was being duped and didn’t like the feeling at all since I really thought at first that it was awesome until I caught on that she was becoming a brand to sell her schtick…so just try to understand that it isn’t all what Ree makes it out to be. She sticks to the script and is getting her brand out there big time…for every 25 followers she loses there are 50 new ones to take their place. What happens is that her site is so moderated that folks out there cannot fathom that others just don’t care for her at all. Why is that so hard to understand? And by the way your comment was ridiculous – think about it!!

      • JennNY says:

        There is NO point in trying to get them to SEE the point.. they are passed that stage.. when they come here with the “I am not a huge Ree follower” ya know they are FULL OF CRAP!
        You are such a good soul for trying tho! :)

    • EJS says:

      Hey Shirley – listen up and get the butter out of your ears!! All from lies she is now making millions…Ree caught on early in the blogging years what works and she capitalized on that. Nothing more nothing less….the problem is – she wasn’t honest…she doesn’t really show the real daily life on the ranch – no snotty noses, no fights between siblings, nothing out of place. She sticks to the same shit different day script. She only shows nice over the top stuff to make people want to be her – and then she is not even respectful to her readership and doesn’t even answer any of the 200+ comments she may get on a single post once in a blue moon she may chime in to correct someone. ugggh what a mess she is. Oh and every click on her blog waiting for the winner of a contest to be identified is just more money in her when she says I will post the winner Friday and then its Sunday she does this on purpose but she will say its cuz she was just so busy…that’s BS too – click click click are dollars big dollars. So try to understand Ree found out early on how to take care of business, got herself a PR firm and she did what she needed to do to become bloggie famous….but for her deceitful way of doing so is where I get off the crazy train. Enjoy the ride – SHIRLEY!!

    • Paula S. says:

      It is amazing how many people “who aren’t huge followers of Ree” have suddenly appeared on these sites to ask what difference our opinion of her makes. What difference does your opinion of us make? (And do you talk like that the first time you speak to strangers when standing next to that child in your picture, or only as an anonymous entity on line? Are you the pot or the kettle?, as someone else aptly asked recently.

    • Véronique says:

      Are only skinny people allowed to discuss fat content of food? I don’t understand.
      Why are you so rude?

    • LauraIng says:

      These comments are always so funny to read, thanks! I love the whole why do you care angle, all the while carrying about what other write about something that you don’t care about. What a circle post, lol.

    • Jackie says:

      How dare you attack a woman’s fertility? Unbelievable. I hardly think that a woman making comments about one’s children means that she is unable to have children.

      You came here throwing accusations about how bitchy and “mean girl” people, yet you insinuated that the authors of these blogs are unable to have children. What if that were true? Do you know how hateful and cruel that is? Have any women in your life experienced infertility?

      I can tell you, that insult is far worse than critiquing the Pioneer Woman’s cooking.

      When you are ready to talk like an adult, feel free to return.

    • fuctincalifornia says:

      sorry lady, but the bitch who talked shit about everyone back in high school was ree! i was too busy taking every AP class i could so that i’d get into a good school! my daddy wasn’t an orthopedic surgeon and couldn’t buy my way into USC.

      esad, don’t call me shirley!

    • Reeformed Addict says:

      Shirley, your womb comment was probably one of the nastiest comments I’ve ever seen on this site. As someone who has not yet had the privilege of becoming a mother and had the misfortune of miscarrying earlier this year I find YOU to be the bitch. I hope you go eat some fucking butter and choke on it! Asshole.

      • The Marlboro Woman says:

        Rest assured, the IP she was using has been blocked so she can’t wreak havoc any longer. I don’t like to delete people, but all “Don’t Call Me Shirley” wanted to do was foment a comment war. Probably one of Ree’s thugs. Funny thing, she can’t stay away; she still visits this site several times a day.

        • Reeformed Addict says:

          <3 U, MW. You are spot on, as usual! And I don't mean that in a PW ass-kissing way. 😉

  26. PWSux says:

    For the record, if I was invited to Blogher I would be on a plane so fast it would make your head spin. And also for the record, I would get on that stage and be the biggest badass Blog Ethics Speaker there. :)

  27. Paula S. says:

    Oh, my, I’ll bet I’m going to be firsty firstersons! Thank you MW for cataloging these examples of how the reebot mind works for posterity. You left out the one about our horrible “brutal againstness.”

    • Paula S. says:

      Uh-oh! Kay types faster than I.

    • In all honesty, I didn’t wade through all 750 comments so if you have that one, e-mail it and I’ll post it.

      • Paula S. says:

        I found it but didn’t know how to move it here. I couldn’t email the specific page. Here’s how to find it. Page four of comments. It is buried in a reply I think. It begins:”Guest, 4 days ago. Ree treats everyone like a sister..” It is a truly nasty comment, suggests we all gather around a cauldron.

        • The Marlboro Woman says:

          Thanks! I’ll get it.

        • May M says:

          Paula, I actually thought the cauldron comment was pretty funny. I was picturing all of us (even though I don’t know you all) gathered in some field on a dark night, cackling around a cauldron. And then you look in the cauldron and it’s really moonshine. Or vodka.

          I feel sorry for the sheeple. I really do. It just shows the “dumbing down of America” is so unfortunately true.

          • Paula S. says:

            I find it funny that they worship Ree so much that we make them mad enough to say that. And I would bet there are still a few stills deep in the hills of AR.

            • Susan says:

              Deep in the hills of AR here. I bet you would be correct.

              • Susan says:

                And speaking of terrible recipes ripped off of others…….there is one that has been passed down through the generations in my family. It begins with taking either sweet feed or cornmeal and mixing it with water until it ferments and bubbles. It ends with “remove jar from under the drip……”

                • Paula S. says:

                  LOL Susan. I’ve lived in AR all my life. Never back in the hills, but I’ve BEEN back in the hills many times, and you see a lot of little unmarked driveways that lead so far back in you can’t see the house.

                  When I was a girl, the county next to us was known for that sort of thing, a very rugged, backwoodsy place. My dad was a cop and he referred to it as “booger county”, as unsavory types sometimes hid out there. My mom worked with a woman who lived there. The woman hated that her husband and his friends had a still. One day she went for a walk alone and found it and dumped a couple of boxes of Ex-Lax in it.

                • Paula S. says:

                  The saying is white corn is for bread and yellow corn is for whiskey.

  28. Oh wow. If the grammar and spelling doesn’t make you want to hide under the kitchen table and cry, the delusion definitely will.
    This Food Network thing is definitely heating up. I’m curious to see how it all goes down.

    • Didn’t you mean “definately?” That’s how PW fans spell it. LOL. I knew her fans were naive, but this was a real wake up call.

      • Amanda says:

        I got in trouble when I pointed out that definately should be definitely….her followers apparently don’t like being corrected. :) Let me be honest- I enjoyed the commenting….although not one of those comments by followers were logical.