O Ree But You Said Mike Is Retarded


The Post(s) Ree Doesn’t Want You To See

Update:  The above link was sent to us courtesy of the intrepid “PennyH” who saved screen shots of both versions of PW’s March 22, 2007 post, one with the word “retarded” and one without it.  Our thanks and gratitude for all her hard work. Yesterday, when I posted my rebuttal to Amanda Fortini’s O Pioneer Woman article, Ree Drummond got her erasers and quickly removed yet another Mike is “retarded” reference from her blog rendering our original link useless.  She wasn’t quick enough for “PennyH” however. 

It’s highly unlikely Drummond will ever become the spokesperson for this organization.

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22 Responses to O Ree But You Said Mike Is Retarded

  1. farmgirl says:

    Note that PW has excluded her website from the wayback machine.


    • Penny H. says:

      Doesn’t matter….there are cache files out there if you know where to look. Remember folks…you can delete it but once it’s on the internet it’s pretty much there forever where anyone who knows what they’re doing can find it.

  2. carly says:

    I am not sure why she changed it, you would have to ask her that if you want a definitive answer. But if I may speculate, I can imagine that when you write a post about someone online, sometimes your words can come across differently than if you were speaking in person. Maybe she was realized that her description of Mike could come across to a reader as callous or insensitive, so she changed her mind about using the word.

    I like this article from the Washington Post about the subject, especially this part:

    “If the history of offensive terms in America shows anything, it is that words themselves are not the culprit; the meaning we attach to them is, and such meanings change dramatically over time and across communities.”

    There is a difference between using the word “retarded” as a derogatory word and using it to describe someone’s medical condition. I see nothing wrong with describing someone born mentally retarded as such. I DO see a problem with calling someone a “retard”, as if it is an insult. The meaning of the word is different in each of those cases.

    I believe that in the PW’s post she was using it as a description, not an insult.

    I enjoy reading your site when it deals with her food and website, I think it’s pretty funny. However, on this particular subject, I do not agree with you.

    • Penny H. says:

      Carly bless your heart for giving Ree the benefit of the doubt. I appreciate your opinion and your comment….and the fact that, unlike other people who come here, you did not make this a personal attack. That having been said….doesn’t it seem even the tiniest bit odd to you that within 24 hours of MW’s post about Ree calling her brother retarded and my e-mail to the Food Network about the same subject she scrubbed her blog free of every single incidence where the word retarded appeared? Is it impossible for you to consider that Ree the businesswoman realized that posts from 2006/2007 could come back to bite her on the ass now that she’s hit the big time? Coincidence or savvy public relations move….which is more likely? Ask yourself this qustion…why would she all-of-the-sudden and coincidentally change 5-year-old posts a day after she got “outed” in public? Why indeed.

    • Penny H. says:

      I also forgot to ask you….do you REALLY think it’s right for someone with a developmentally disabled family member to record conversations with that family member and then post them on the internet where THOUSANDS of people can listen to them and laugh at them? Ree Drummond is in the unique position of having the attention of a large segment of the population (for now). She could be a real advocate for people like her brother…promote acceptance and understanding…something along those lines. But…instead….she uses Mike as an object of humor ON A WEBSITE THAT SHE MAKES MONEY ON. How much of that money do you think Mike sees? That piddling little amount she says she gives him not to drink? Please. I know you’re going to argue that she’s treating him like any other person…after all she claims she was raised to believe he was like everyone else. But here’s the flaw in that logic: if she really felt Mike was like everyone else then why does she take such pains to point out to us and remind us in every Mike post that he is not? She even takes the time to quote him exactly as he speaks, but it comes across as mockery. She can’t have it both ways….can’t you see that? Nobody likes to be made fun of…she doesn’t do it to anyone else at the same level she does to Mike. Her treatment of Mike on her website is offensive…she should be ashamed.

  3. carly says:

    umm…news flash…Retarded is not a bad word. It is a medical term for those who are “mentally retarded”, like Mike is. It don’t see why it’s terrible to say “my brother is retarded” when HE IS RETARDED!!!!!

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      O.K. Carly, if you say “retarded” is not a bad word then we should believe you, right? Especially someone who writes:

      It don’t see why it’s terrible to say “my brother is retarded” when HE IS RETARDED!!!!!

      Could you please explain then why your fake little ol’ ranch wife scrubbed her blog clean of all “retarded” references to Mike and substituted “developmentally disabled” in its place?

      Looking forward to your answer.

  4. Grace says:

    All of you are ridiculous. Back when Ree Drummond was growing up, that was what developmentally disabled people were called. She obviously loves her brother immensely and means nothing insulting or derogatory about the word retarded. Stop being so unbelievably politically correct and GROW A SKIN. Why don’t you try leaving her alone?

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      Earth to Grace: Ree and I are very close in age and grew up oh, about 45 miles apart. In Tulsa where I was raised, my parents did not allow us to refer to people as “retarded” as it was considered rude and impolite. I had friends from Bartlesville as well and none of them referred to mentally challenged people as “retarded.”

      Your girl isn’t keepin it real, never has and never will! Every time she gets caught trying to re-invent herself, all her trolls show up here, or PWSux or at Pie Near Woman to defend her honor. When will you people learn that The Pioneer Woman is nothing but a hoax?

    • Penny H. says:

      Grace…you are right…absolutely…..Ree loves her brother so much that she doesn’t mind making a buck off him and his disability. Would you record a conversation with a disabled relative and then post it on the internet where THOUSANDS of people could listen (and laugh) at it? Well that’s what your brother-loving Pioneer Woman does. Now get on back to PW-Land where you clearly belong…you’re wasting our time here.

    • Grace:

      I’m pushing 50, hard, and I grew up hearing and using the “N” word as a child in the 60s. But because as a society we’ve grown and learned how hateful that term is (not to mention likely to get you a beat down), we no longer use that word. We say African-American, Black, or African. OK, Get it now?


      • Penny H. says:

        Great analogy Jules! If that doesn’t work maybe we can draw her a picture!

      • Penny H. says:

        Great analogy Jules! If that doesn’t work, maybe you could draw her a picture (with crayons!). P.S. When are you gonna be 50? My big day is in July.

  5. I left a comment (no. 51) on her post about the $5k+ donation she was making to the charity of the winning commenter’s choice, and it’s gone. It said: “$5,000+? That’s it? You can do better. And should.” And someone replied, “You make me want to vomit.” Heh.

    I read the “Dick” post, and if all her posts were that good and that “real,” maybe I’d still be a reader. That was funny as hell. Her post are just pictures with comments now, no real content, fake, real or otherwise.

    So glad I found you and Pie Near Woman and Pioneer Woman Sux. Someone’s got to keep that woman real–it’s all gone to her head, now.


  6. Penny H. says:

    Two Words people: CACHE FILES.

  7. Charles (no relation) says:

    Is she going to start calling her children, children?

    • Penny H. says:

      LOL Charles! I bet she will if we start talking about her calling them “punks”……

    • Karen says:

      What I really want to know is, is she going to start calling her husband by his actual, given name?

  8. anon. says:

    Too bad for Ree that she can’t erase the memories of the thousands of people who read those original posts and remember that she used the word “retarded” over and over, and even defended its usage. The posts may be disappearing right and left, but our memories aren’t.

    Glad you saved it!

  9. I love the thought of her trying to put out fires faster than MM can set them. Gawd she is so transparent.

  10. Penny H. says:

    She also scrubbed the one I posted on Tasty Comments last week…the one where she talks about her mother-in-law saying “dick” and where she references recording phone conversations with her retarded brother. No worries though..I have screen shots of that one too. Nice try Ree…thanks for validating our suspicions that you and/or your minions are monitoring this site (and probably PW Sux and Pie Near Woman too).

  11. Penny H. says:

    I told ya’ll she or one of her minions was reading this site!!!! I totally called it. I too kept the original posts….took screenshots and saved them to be pulled out when needed. I guess this validates the hypothesis that Ree is checking up on us very nicely. Hi Ree……still keepin’ it real?

    P.S. Wondering if this has anything to do with the e-mail I sent to Food Network today. Just sayin’…….