Food Network Caves!

BlogHer wasted no time jumping on the new Pioneer Woman show’s bandwagon promoting Ree’s dumbed-down cooking for the masses.  Grab a hat guys, you’ll need it.  It’s coming down in torrents in this interview with the fake little ol’ ranch wife.  Looks like Food Network had to scrape the bottom of the barrel for talent.  Airing a show hosted by a bona fide ditz who doesn’t have a clue what a garlic clove is for, may come back to bite Food Network execs in their collective butts.   Too bad they couldn’t recruit some serious cooks like Amanda Hesser and Deb Perelman

We’ve known for months this was coming.  I mean really, who remodels their alleged “guest house” with restaurant-grade kitchen appliances for casual weekend visitors Drummond Production Company staff?  No one except a narcissist with visions of becoming the next Paula Deen. 

For sadists desiring even more torture, take a gander at PW’s tweets.  Loaded with faux modesty, you’d think the Food Network deal came as a total shock to Drummond at the moment the news broke.  Add duplicity to this talentless hack’s dubious virtues.

What a hoax!  Dang it, I think this calls for a give-away, our first.  If that’s what it takes to wake up the masses to this colossal charade, we’re on board.  Check back early next week.  Meanwhile, I need to hurl.

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56 Responses to Food Network Caves!

  1. Ana says:

    This website is hilarious! I found PW’s blog a few months ago, and although it was so red meat heavy, I decided to try a chicken fried steak recipe I found – it looked easy and tasty. Well, at least the photos did…

    I went and bought fresh meat, followed the directions and was all ready to eat my tasty steak. OMG! It tasted horrible, really plain, it had no flavor (just salt/pepper) and even after adding all sorts of spices to my finished dish, I had to admit defeat and throw it out. I NEVER throw food out! And it made my house stink like a fast food joint. All I could think was either I made a mistake or this woman can’t cook – this was really a terrible recipe.
    I tried another recipe for mozzerella sticks (using string cheese), and the cheese all melted in the pan before I finished cooking them! If people are eating these recipes thinking she’s a good cook, I fear for their families.

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      Thanks for stopping by Ana.

      For quite some time Ree’s been on the fast track to fame and fortune. She doesn’t have time to sweat pesky details like testing a recipe before publishing it. Have you tried her fried egg recipe? I haven’t yet. The level of difficulty has me a tad intimidated…I mean all the ingredients and difficult preparation, phewwwww, I’d probably just screw it up.

  2. Lily says:

    My feelings exactly! Thanks for the support and great writing MArlboro Woman xxxx

  3. Make Roux says:

    Two words — BUS! TED! Okay, it’s just one word. ;P That was some awesome detective work!

  4. Beatrice says:

    I have tried a few of Ree’s recipes from her cookbook (my sister owns it) and I have to admit they were a big hit in the house with the family. I also have to say though I don’t understand how she can have a cooking show – even though her recipes are good, they are nothing out of the ordinary. Guess since she has a story that goes along with her cookbook (City girl turned country blah blah) this is why she gets her own show. She is full of it though. Plus, I have many friends in the BlogHer network or who are trying to get into the network who are pretty pissed since Ree take most of the advertising dollars. Guess that’s what happens when you have a team of people working on your blog with you. Her whole persona is full of it. Wonder if she’ll go to the BlogHer conference again this year so she can have an exclusive party and only invite who she thinks is worthy.

  5. J-anonymous says:

    Thanks for a great post! I visit PW about once a year just when curiosity gets the better of me…or rather I go over just to verify and confirm my own opinions of her “blog”. Last time I went I decided to check out some of her recipes and randomly… and I do mean completely randomly – clicked on two past cake recipes from her archives. As a food blogger and a passionate baker I was curious to see what she, a supposed food blogger and cookbook author – offered her masses of readers. And those two random recipes? Both used cake mix from a box, canned frosting, one added boxed jello pudding and the other canned fruit. Period. This is what my dad baked for us in the early 1970′s! I found this shameful and embarrassing! How can anyone consider this person a serious cook, cookbook author and even food blogger when she offers recipes using boxed mixes or copies recipes straight out of old cookbooks or off of other websites? And I did link over (thanks) to her cooking demo on the Today Show and really? Marinated flank steak with butter-cream-3 cheese pasta? Talk about 1972 and my mom and dad’s cooking! Egads! Horrors! And really was that cooking? Thanks to you and Pioneer Woman Sux for helping us out this fraud!

    • dimples too says:

      Let’s all remember this ” Facades, no matter how well built, usually come down”.
      I’ve been banned too. Boo Hoo
      Keep up the great postings MW. I hope to see you and Rechelle on the Jon Stewart show.

      • The Marlboro Woman says:

        There for a while I thought the censorship had let up a smidge. Now that the ink’s dry on the Food Network contract it’s back to business as usual at Pioneer Woman. And isn’t that keepin’ it real?

  6. wineinmyglass says:

    The show doesn’t start until August.
    Hopefully the producers will realize what a empty money pit the show will be
    and cancel it before the first airing or taping.

  7. Suz says:

    Giving credit to the recipe’s origin = professional courtesy. I don’t get it either. This does not complimemt Mrs. Drummond in any way. Quite the opposite, I’m afraid. Don’t you know her mother / MIL sometimes just want to wring her neck?!?!?

  8. pwp says:

    I think PW is skirting plagarism in copying recipes out of older cookbooks. I mean, surely the Food Network lawyer has vetted this stuff? Right? Right? Probably not, since it may only be that those who are not fanatic fans of Ree are looking into this kind of thing. Interesting. But you know, once you are out there in TV Land (instead of just a blogger on the internet) that issue is bound to come up – sooner or later.

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      Skirting is right but she’s been careful not to copy anything exactly, at least I haven’t located any evidence of such. She mixes it up just enough not to raise any red flags. As I understand copyright laws, an ingredient list is not protected, only the directions presumably because they’re your own work. Once she reads this, she’ll probably have her minions scouring her site to clean up any infractions .

      Many chefs and authors use other’s recipes adding their own modifications. Unlike Ree, most have the sense to credit the sources and inspiration for their creations. The beauty and appeal of Amanda Hesser’s The Essential New York Times Cookbook is the fact that most of the recipes are preceded by a short story describing the recipes’ history and origins. Not so with Ree’s cow pattie cuisine.

      Remember the old saying: the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

      • pwp says:

        Interesting! It makes me wonder WHY PW wouldn’t give credit to the previous cooks/publisher of recipes?

    • SSK says:

      Most recipes are particularly difficult to credit to one source. I’ve seen many in cookbooks, magazines and various blogs that I know I’ve seen elsewhere. Mark Bittman recently posted a recipe for lentil soup on his web site. The “basic” recipe is virtually identical to one I’ve been making for years (I don’t remember where I got the recipe). I’ve seen nearly all the variations, too.

      As the second article says, I do think she should cite where she found the recipe. But where she found the recipe probably isn’t the original source either. I can find most of them in other community or church cookbooks. Who knows where the original came from?

      • The Marlboro Woman says:

        I agree and I certainly don’t mean to come across that she needs to trace the origins of a recipe. A brief acknowledgement would suffice and most professional bloggers do so.

        The problem I have is Ree’s holier-than-thou attitude thinking she’s exempt from things like common courtesy. Her recipes are all about making your “skirt fly up,” your “hiney tingle”, “it’s that good” and how much she “loves it, amen.” Hell, if she got it out of Woman’s Day Magazine just credit the source. But she doesn’t.

        When your followers hang on your every post and leave pitiful tweets equating your book with the Holy Bible (yes, someone actually tweeted that they kept those 2 books on their night table and how PW was the last thing they read before falling asleep, [dear God slit my wrists now]) then you really should exercise a little common sense when you publish a truck load of crap on the Internet. I honestly think some of her followers are such radicals, if she died tomorrow, they’d probably harm themselves.

  9. mollys says:

    well I went to our library yesterday and checked out “Green Country Cookbook” amazingly there I found a lot of REEuzed receipes… now isnt that original….

  10. angela says:

    found this comment in response to her cooking show:

    “Brenda On Saturday, April 16 at 12:45 am
    Holy Jesus,
    You use cooking sherry and lemon pepper like there is no tomorrow and you are getting your own show???
    I have GOT to go to bed. Maybe I will wake up and things will make sense because you as a cook on television…..
    are you farking kidding me?”

    i have been blocked somehow. very disappointing, seeing as the worst thing i ever posted was in response to walter. i wrote, ” you forgot you ordered a dog? you must be joking.” gone in less than a day and i have since been banned.

  11. Alibaby0729 says:

    One more thing, if you all despise everything Ree Drummond, why don’t you just stop reading her blog?

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      Alibaby, if you dine on PW’s cow pattie cusine on a consistent basis, you’ll need a cardiologist soon. We can help. Take several deep breaths and exhale slowly. You’re exhibiting classic signs of PW addiction. There’s hope, I promise.

      First repeat after me, “she’s not a pioneer woman, she’s not a little ol’ ranch wife, it’s all a pretense, she’s an imposter and a moron….” Now repeat tthe following ten times: “her multi-millionaire husband bankrolled the charade, Ree couldn’t cook to save her life and I need to stop drinking the PW Kool-Aid and living my life vicariously through an Internet hoax.” There, there now. Relax, take some more deep cleansing breaths and try to move on. After you recover, visit these excellent cooking blogs:

      Food 52
      Smitten Kitchen

      Let us know if we can be of further assistance.

      • Alibaby0729 says:

        Thanks so much for responding to my comments. Oh, wait, you actually didn’t. You evaded everything I said, and just belittled me. You’re just a bully. Good luck to you in all you do, and thanks for suggesting a few other food blogs. I will take a look at them.

        • The Marlboro Woman says:

          Reading between the lines doesn’t appear to be your strong suit so I’ll spell it out for you honey: YOU and a few other deluded PW fans are the only ones using the word “hate” on MY site. I have never used that word in the context of your hero. I don’t hate her; I think she’s pathetic and I think she’s a liar!

          In my opinion, Ree Drummond advocates a lifestyle she doesn’t actually live. Unlike most ranch wives in this country, her husband’s a multi-millionaire trust fund baby whose income is derived in part from government welfare checks he receives for babysitting wild Mustangs.

          Furthermore, Drummond knows diddly squat about cooking. When she appeared on The Today Show, she was incapable of explaining why she was using a clove of garlic. WTF? And now she’s getting a cooking show?? Drummond’s obsessed with photography and uses her blog as a lab to experiment with various exposures and compositions. When the light bulb went off that she could profit from a website, she figured out she’d need to post about something with wider allure than photography. So she stepped it down a notch for mass appeal i.e., maximum traffic. And voila, she introduced her version of cooking into the mix.

          She tried desperately, in my opinion, to copy Deb Perleman’s Smitten Kitchen site. And when the lazy, spoiled-brat she is discovered that real cooking involves some serious labor and dedication, she opted for the easy way out, grabbed one of her mother’s many community cookbooks, mounted her camera on a tri-pod, prepared greasy, cholesterol-laden food and took a gazillion photos. She accompanied the pics with corney, embellished stories about life on the prairie.

          Internet surfers, such as yourself, gobbled it up. Much like Ree, you took the easy way out. Why live your own life if you can lie on the couch and click on someone else’s. Who cares if it rings true? It’s so much easier and pleasant to believe in a fairy tale, right?

          In my opinion, genuine cooking is an art form that doesn’t entail using jello, crushed oreos, canned soups and pre-packaged ingredients. There are exceptions of course but check out those other sites I recommended and get back to me how often they use anything other than fresh items. I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

          • Alibaby0729 says:

            Well, you sure told me … Look, all I’m saying is that I enjoy the woman’s blog, if you don’t, then it’s a good think the World Wide Web is as vast as it is. Nice of you to ignore my comments about that. You may very well be correct in all you say about Ree; I don’t know, and I don’t care. I enjoy her posts, leave me be. I didn’t seek you out, you contacted me.
            Now, to address my use of the word “hate.” The word itself doesn’t need to be used in order for your content to be full of it. You have such a bitterness, it comes across as hateful. Again, you are just a bully looking to push down anyone with a view other than that your own.
            Let’s just agree to disagree. Or not, I don’t much care (though it is nice to see I’ve gotten under your skin). I have to go now, I want to check my local listings for the Pioneer Woman’s show.

            • The Marlboro Woman says:

              For the record, I replied to YOUR tweet. If you don’t want replies, protect them. Do I need to explain how to do that? I never contacted you in an official way and invited you to diss me on my own site.

              The fact that you don’t care whether her site’s content is based on any shred of truth speaks volumes. Now go click away on her blog and help her pocket more millions.

    • Suz says:

      Despise? Hate? No, no. no. Calm down. Put your seatbelt back on. This is a decent and congenial website; no one is hated. We are all pretty nice and open-minded.

      But, no one here likes the deception, dumbing-down, and outright half-truths (I didn’t say lies) of the PW. There are people over there hanging onto her every word. What does that say about those people? And what does that say about PW?

      People who comment say they want her life. They want to be her. One poor soul even said that sometimes she just cannot read PW’s words — it’s too painful. She stated, in so many words, that her life pales in comparison to PW. She sounded so sad.

      What in the heck has this world come to, my friend?

  12. Alibaby0729 says:

    Way to plug your hate-filled blog. Thank you for responding to my congratulatory tweet to PioneerWoman and guiding me here. I never realized there were people out there that hated Ree. I’m sorry there are some of us out there that need a little “dumbing-down”, as you imply, when it comes to cooking. People like the Pioneer Woman have helped me to develop a real love for cooking. People like you, on the other hand, have helped me to remember that not everyone is content in their lives, and therefore must pick on others to bring themselves satisfaction. Is my vocabulary too limited? I don’t really care what you think. All you have to do is not watch her show and stop looking at her blog. Get a life. I, on the other hand, will continue to praise Ree Drummond, and look forward to watching her show.

    • TxAggies says:

      What do you actually PRAISE PW for ????? Using copied recipes from 150 Church and Jr League cookbooks and deceiving her readers to think she’s just a regular little ol ranch wife who stays at home and home schools her chillens, all while blogging, photoshopping and marketing her name and “aw shucks” lifestyle ????

    • TxAggies says:


      Please go visit some REAL cooking and baking sites, like Smitten Kitchen and Joy the Baker and many others …. ANY of them are so so SO much better and SO SO SO much more REAL LIFE than the PW !!!!

  13. rachel says:

    I was just wondering when I was going to have to endure PW-branded items in stores. I guess I have my answer. Yarf.

    • Julie says:

      thanks a million for bringing that up. now i’m going to have to chunder…. although i always see paula deen’s and rachael ray’s crappy cookware at the super discount places around here. it’d be sweet if her eventual line of merch, including everything from earring organizers to flour sifters to overpriced tableware, is a massive fail.

      • Suz says:

        Earring organizers!! LOL! That is so true.

      • TxAggies says:

        Paula Deen’s cookware and Rachel Ray’s hideous orange stuff is the UGLIEST kitchenware I’ve ever seen … no wonder it ends up at the Big Lots !! Predict so will Pie Near Woman’s …

    • Charles (no relation) says:

      This is a little off topic but my mom bought me a Paula Deen white cake mix. First of all it called for soybean oil. Who has soybean oil in their cabinet? Secondly, it was fully of preservatives and you could smell the artificial flavor from a mile away. My mom wondered if it was a bootleg or some sort. TPW will probably stick her face on anything too.

    • SSK says:

      Huh? What? I think I’ve missed something.

  14. pwp says:

    Hmm, what is needed in this situation (the Ree faux country life) is one enterprising REAL journalist to do a bit of research & digging on exactly how all this came about. Hint: not by an ‘accidental blogger strikes it rich.’ And give it a bit of time: I’m quite sure that journalist will do their homework. Should be an interesting, eye-opening article for the fanatic fans (as well as big bucks for said enterprising journalist).

  15. angie says:

    Um…she has a thing on her page today that has to do with splitting a loaf of bread, spreading butter on it, and sticking it under the broiler. I’ve been doing that since I was 9. Is that a recipe?

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      Only in Ree Drummond’s mind is that a recipe. I think it goes with the fried egg in her fake cookbook.

  16. The Marlboro Woman says:

    Instead of leaving a comment here where the individual’s location and i.p. address would be visible, some chicken shit proclaiming to be a “Susan Shugart” left me the following e-mail:

    I am sorry to say but you are some kind of weird. Along with another fellow blogger, Rochelle (or whatever her name is), (and feel free to pass this on)… WHY spend so much time on hating someone? It’s really a bizarre thing. If I don’t like someone, I don’t spend the energy on creating blogs about it. There is so much in the world to do but spending this time creating blogs to put someone down doesn’t make sense. And I am sorry I spent one second even reading your blog and Rochelles.. Shame on me. But really there is life out there, why not spend it on something good for a change and get out of your mother’s basement… and don’t let your jealousy rule your world… get out there!

    Honey, no one is putting anybody down. Sounds like some remedial reading focusing on comprehension skills might be in order. The purpose of this blog is to expose the fraud being perpetrated on the Internet gullible, that would be YOU! If you believe for one moment that Ree Drummond is sitting out in Pawhuska, Oklahoma gardening, home schooling, cooking, PhotoShopping, writing books, producing television shows and pretending to be a little ol’ ranch wife, I have a bridge you might be interested in purchasing.

    • KRR says:

      Funny how anyone who disagrees with someone like Susan is a basement-dwelling, obsessed, jealous, no-life weirdo. She herself though, is just fine even though she takes the time to write emails to people she doesn’t like about blogs she doesn’t like.

      And Susan? In the time it took you to compose that email, I could have had a blog up on Blogger or WP. Having and maintaining a blog doesn’t an obsession make. It is possible to have a life and a hobby all at the same time.

  17. Susie says:

    Bright side – as annoying as it is that she’s been given a show, think how funny it will be when this train wreck is cancelled faster than you can say “not an original recipe in sight”.

  18. mollys says:

    Oh here we go…’jealous’ of the poor lil rich girl, turned even richer rancher wifey, please spare me the the BS, PW wouldnt know class if it bit her on the arse, is that why you cant find to many people in Osage county that has nice things to say about the mighty Drummonds? or why she cannot say anything nice about her brothers? or was bad mouthing her mommy (altho all that has been purged from her site) because she divorced the hard working dr? That sure spells class to me…

    You are probably one who actually ate the marinade… but enough I lower to your level. We will see how long the show lasts….

  19. Amber says:

    Oh brother. All you people sitting around hating on other woman because your jealous of their success. At least PW is classy about things and wouldn’t be caught dead saying rude things about other people. Not to mention her food actually looks good, unlike the trailer trash recipes you’ve put up on your site. I’m sorry for you.

    • The Marlboro Woman says:

      Ahem, another one of Ree’s sockpuppets rides to her defense. * yawn *

      “Jealous?” Why is it all of REEzilla’s proponents have such limited vocabulary? Are you incapable of coming up with an original accusation? Try next time you crawl over here.

      You won’t find one person at The Marlboro Woman who envies a narcissistic imposter–one who regularly uses the Internet to delude gullible people into believing she’s just a simple little ol’ ranch wife. When was the last time your precious “classy” PW disclosed that her multi-millionaire husband has bankrolled her blog with hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in photography equipment, guest house re-modeling and hired help to raise four kids? Then they write off the expenses as business deductions on their income tax, collect a fat BLM check and ride off into Oklahoma sunset to post more bullshit.

      When was the last time your “classy” hero allowed negative comments to appear on her site? Honey, she doesn’t! Drummond’s heavy handed censorship summarily deletes all comments that don’t fall into a carefully crafted algorithm designed to promote Ree’s sanitized vision of country life. If you haven’t already done so, check out the Tasty Comments tab above for examples if it won’t tax your brain too much.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your inane spiel. You’re beyond hope.

      • Jackie says:

        How about “personal vendetta”? Does that expand upon the vocabulary?

        • The Marlboro Woman says:

          Phew, Ree’s crusaders are out in full force today. Nah, you’ll have to come up with something better than “personal vendetta.” Never met the gal and don’t have any intentions to.

          I just happen to think it’s wrong to deceive people and profit by it.

          • Jackie says:

            The thing is that she isn’t deceiving people. Talk about “remedial reading focusing on comprehension skills [that] might be in order”. She’s stated frankly that the only cooking she does at this point is what she posts on the blog, she has never claimed that these recipes are original, nor has she claimed to be a professional-grade cook. I’m not sure where the deception comes in on this. And she may well have a staff. Who cares? Plenty of people who do consider themselves homemakers, etc., have a staff, too. As for her book, she wrote most of it as blog posts over the course of a year and a half, so it isn’t as though she had extensive writing to do…editing and whatnot takes time, obviously, but it isn’t this huge black hole of time that you seem to think it is. Further, more power to her if her husband is rollin’ in the Benjamins. I’m not seeing how that is a problem in this, either. Fine, she may not be the “real” that you expect to see, but I don’t see the point in surrounding an entire blog to how fake you find her.

            • The Marlboro Woman says:

              O.K. Jackie, we get it, you love the PW. Don’t know if you’re aware how websites work or not, but most bloggers utilize stat services to track and analyze their traffic. According to mine, you’ve been spending quite a bit of time lurking around here, both from your office computer and another one altogether. Why? Are you being compensated to defend your heroine’s honor?

              I don’t have time nor the inclination to argue with you. Suffice it to say you’re the PW poster child for sucking up and never questioning anything she publishes. Oh and by the way, don’t ever leave a comment like this on Ree’s site–it’ll never see the light of day. I’ll try not to refer to that as deception.

    • anon. says:

      Amber – trailer trash recipes? You did realize that putting dog food in a casserole is a joke, right??

    • Julie says:

      o lord. “amber” doesn’t recognize satire when she sees it. the recipes MW’s been posting have been digs at the fat-, cholesterol-, and calorie-laden crap the PW’s been posting lately, dear!

      and have you ever heard that twunt’s squawk? her voice alone should be enough to kill off her show, but i’m sure the sheeple will tune in in droves. at least for a little while.

      and a big fat fuck you for thinking she’s classy and would never say anything rude about anyone. she called her own damn brother a *retard* (and said she was entitled to call him one!) for years.

    • P-Slub says:

      Wait. Am I reading this right? PW wouldn’t be caught dead saying rude things about someone? Have you actually read her blog????? If so, you are blind.

  20. poppy says:

    BlogHer will make a crapton of money when this shit airs. Hey, foodbloggers. Wait. Sorry. Hey, BlogHer foodbloggers! Are y’all ready to sign over your hard work to the all powerful and mighty Ree? She’ll cut you a check. You’ll get fancy airtime. You’ll get more hits. BlogHer will make even more money through the new influx of FN advertisers and guess who gets the lion’s share? That’s right. Your BFF, Ree. How does that make you feel? Excited? Thrilled? Pee-in-your-pants ecstatic? Thought so. Good thing you’re all so excited about the world’s most down to earth city mouse turned country louse. She is sucking your blood! Maybe you’ll get a brand-new, apron-wearing, orange KitchenAid as a consolation prize. Only if you play your cards right. It was really sad to watch all of your comments today. Boo. What a pathetic display.