Reese Witherspoon and The Pioneer Woman Movie


Last Friday, The Pioneer Woman invaded the American West.  Galloping into Great Falls, Montana for yet another worship service book signing, the “little ol’ ranch wife” met her adoring legion at the Best Western Heritage Inn. Hmmm, guess my internet was down as I missed the obligatory guest room photos.

The following day, the Great Falls Tribune published their account of the event echoing not only the praises of the idolizing throng but the pre-event press release.  Do journalists bother to check facts anymore or do they simply accept as gospel a hastily faxed statement from their subject’s publicist?  Whatever, the paper got a couple of items wrong.

First, it was just a year ago when Deadline Hollywood ran the following exclusive:

 “It’s a blog.  It’s a cookbook.  It’s a Reese Witherspoon Romantic Comedy?” 

announcing Columbia Pictures’ purchase of the rights to Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.  Although news of the acquisition was derided and met with ridicule by most people possessing a functioning cerebellum, pioneer woman fans trolled cyberspace countering any negative press with comments of praise and exultation.  I’ll spare you the links to this drivel.

Within hours, DH’s announcement went viral.  There was one problem though, most news outlets failed to correctly interpret DH’s question mark following the mention of Reese Witherspoon.   In short, DH’s report quickly became rumor as one news organization after another stated the actress would star in the mass-appeal blockbuster.

For months, the fabrications surrounding Witherspoon’s participation in the project took on a life all their own.  Last Saturday, Great Falls Tribune’s Erin Madison inaccurately reported,

 “A book chronicling her life, titled ‘Black Heels to Tractor Wheels’ came out in February.  It’s being made into a movie that will star Reese Witherspoon.” 

We can’t be sure where Ms. Madison acquired the information about Ms. Reese’s as yet to be confirmed role in this Lifetime Movie of the Week film.  One thing’s sure, she never bothered to ask the Pioneer Woman who in this February, 2011 video from CloutandAbout clearly states that Reese Witherspoon “is not officially committed.” 

 Secondly, Ms. Madison reported,

 “Eventually her online recipes led to a cookbook, ‘The Pioneer Woman Cooks,’ published in 2009.” 

Calling The Pioneer Woman Cooks a cookbook is at best erroneous.   In our opinion, it’s anything but.  The publication celebrates the culinary mundane and is nothing more than a family photo album sprinkled with decades-old recipes, versions of which have been previously published either on the Internet or in numerous community cookbooks.

For those desiring a good chuckle, grab your favorite alcoholic beverage and take a look at thisWarning, it’s rated P for puke.

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