Help Me Rhonda – Pioneer Woman is a Phony!

One of the remarkable things about blogging is the people you meet along the way.   It’s validating when you come across another blogger who not only shares your reservations about the Pioneer Woman, but whose readers have doubts as well.

This morning I had a visit from a site called Something More.  When I followed the link, I discovered this:  The Pioneer Woman and Too Much Salt.  Imagine my joy and utter delight as I scanned the piece and quickly learned yet another PW fan had some serious issues with the “little ol’ ranch wife,” the phony and very fake Ree Drummond.  Much like the savvy Rechelle and PWSux, it apparently hadn’t taken long for the woman behind Something More to catch on to Drummond’s marketing ploy. 

With that, I’d like to thank the discerning Something More.  Going against PW’s behemoth brand is a grassroots movement at best and certainly not a popular one.  With each passing day, Ree’s finely crafted facade cracks a little more.  Thanks for reading and welcome to the club!

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One Response to Help Me Rhonda – Pioneer Woman is a Phony!

  1. AnneMaReeDee says:

    Thank you for posting this. I took a peek at ‘Something More’, looks like an interesting site with some recipes to investigate. Nice to hear it is written by someone with an open mind.